3 Reasons Why One Night Stand Sucks – Especially for Women

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Uncategorized 3 Reasons Why One Night Stand Sucks – Especially for Women

Published on September 30th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

You’re in a bar enjoying drinks with your girlfriends when you catch the eye of this really hot guy. He comes over with a drink, talks to you and you hit it off. He’s funny, nice, with great eyes and an even greater body. You start thinking, what’s the reason not to have sex with him tonight?


We’re not being prudes here. This happens all the time and it could really be fun. But if we’re talking about safety, paranoia aside, there’s really a small chance that the guy you are planning to sleep with is a serial killer of sorts, or a thief, or even a spy (if you’re into espionage films).


Oh well, not all one night stands suck. There are some that led to a serious dating and later on serious relationship. But those unlucky few could tell you a hundred and one reasons why going home with a guy for a hot night is BAD. So if you’re contemplating of whether or not a one night stand is a good idea, check this out.


It Makes You Feel Empty

Statistics states that 54% of all women feel good about themselves after sleeping with someone they just met. That’s a good number, right? Yes, unless you’re one of the 46% who feels lousy afterwards. And while over half of the female population does experience that giddiness after a great romp in bed, the feeling is fleeting. At the end of the (next) day, they’ll feel lousy too.


Women are Relationship Material

And that is a fact – at least, for a lot of women. After that great sex, she will want more. She will hope that he’ll call again – if numbers were exchanged. She will hope that he’d ask her on an actual date. And if he doesn’t, she’ll wonder what’s wrong.


Or she’ll call or text him to ask him out on a date or something. It’s nice if he says yes but if he doesn’t (or if he doesn’t even return the call or the message), she may go crazy thinking of what’s wrong.


Because For Most Men, It’s Really Just About Sex

And this, too, is a fact. It has been said several times, if you want something from men, you’d have to spell it out to them or they’ll never really get it. So, if during that night when you first met the one night stand material, you never once communicated that you are looking for a serious relationship, he will think that you were out there just for fun – just like he was.


If you haven’t been in that situation yet and you really want to try having a one night stand with a complete stranger, then by all means, give it a go. But take note of what has been said. It is therapeutic in a way especially if you’re in that phase of ‘loneliness’ after a break-up. Just don’t let the feelings get in the way. Hopefully you’ll succeed and you’ll be fine.

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