3 Top Reasons Why Sci-Fi Films Are So Huge Today (Even For Non-Geeks Like A Lot of Us)

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MOVIE 3 Top Reasons Why Sci-Fi Films Are So Huge Today

Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Once upon a time, only cosplaying nerds and geeks would ramble on about Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars. Not a lot of us would understand the jargons uttered by the weird-looking, space characters in those films or what the whole concept of the movie is about.


Today, however, you’d see people from different walks of life lining up to watch movie which are very clearly Sci-Fi in nature. It could be because Hollywood producers are casting well-liked, A-list actors for these movies like Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Vin Diesel, Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana.


But there are several other reasons why most of us are beginning to see the sense in Sci-Fi.


  1. Seeing the Possibilities of the Future


Remember that big hit in the 80’s ‘Back to the Future’? Youngsters then mulled over at how 2012 might look like and waited for that year to see if the movie was accurate with its visualizations. It wasn’t, really, but that’s what Sci-Fi offers the viewers: a look into the future.


If breaching Space-Time Continuum is too geeky for you, just check out the James Bond movie list. Some of the secret gadgets Q introduced back in the 60’s are practically everyday implements today like the GPS, hi-tech spy gadgets, super-fast vehicles, underwater cameras, and mobile phones.


  1. It Answers the “What If” Question


Has it ever occurred to you what would happen if people had to live in another planet (Avatar)? Do you think you would survive the Zombie Apocalypse (World War Z)? How would you react if there was an alien right in front of you (Alien, Predator, War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks)? Sci-fi movies are all about answering the “what ifs”. Although the concept is basically far from reality, it gives us the taste of our secret fantasy.


  1. It Gets More Realistic By the Minute


It can be scary to watch movie with Sci-Fi themes these days. Other than the fact that Hollywood has mastered the craft of CGI making the scenes look so authentic, the plots are getting bigger, more complicated and very realistic (Jurassic Park, Terminator, and Lucy).


While the geek would rave or nitpick (most probably) about the film, the average viewer would leave the cinema thinking what an amazing ride it has been. And at the end of the day, that is what a great movie is all about.


Check your list:


In the coming years, sci-fi movies will surely be more advanced. The plot would be more explosive than before, actors would be more adventurous, and surely, there would be more heart-stopping stunts to look forward to.


This year however, there are over a dozen must-see Sci-Fi films which should be in your movie list like the long awaited sequels to the hit series X-Men, Captain America, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and many other worthy new films.

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