5 Nifty Tricks To Liven Up Your Bedroom

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DESIGN & DECOR 5 Nifty Tricks To Liven Up Your Bedroom

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

If your bedroom is looking lifeless and boring, it is time do some makeover. You don’t need to worry about expensive remodeling because there are a number of ways to transform your room without spending a fortune. By being creative and resourceful, you can surely turn your room into a more pleasant and lively haven. Here are some cost-effective bedroom remodeling ideas:


Tricks #1 – Install a DIY artwork on the wall.

Decorate an empty wall with any school project you have on your storage such an artwork painting, origami or caricature poster. Apart from ornamenting your wall, an interesting part of your life in the past is also posted on it. The space above the headboard is also a good location for this embellishment.

Tricks #2 – Repaint the walls and furnishings.

Changing the color of home furnishings such as closets and beddings is a great way to improve on the appearance of your room. Color shades matter; therefore choose colors that will make your room look vibrant and exciting. The fusion of colors can be a way to achieve this. If you want a non-traditional vibe, paint your walls black. Although black color on clothes makes the body slimmer, on walls it creates the illusion of bigger space. Painting can be quite messy but enjoying this activity with a friend or relative makes the job a lot easier. Moreover, a few gallons of paint and some materials are not that burdensome to the pocket.

Tricks #3 – Gather old fabrics and sew your own pillow cases.

When it comes to bedding enhancement, it would be interesting to add more pillows onto your bed by sewing your own pillow cases. Gather old fabrics in your home and create pillow cases of various sizes and designs. A pile of pillows with varied designs on your bed will surely make your room look cozier and eye-catching.

Tricks #4 – Decorate empty space with plants

Empty space looks lonely especially in a big room so liven up those lonely corners with a pot of green. A potted tree placed on a corner can do wonders on any bedroom. It makes the space cozy and the bedroom warm and inviting.

Tricks #5 – Change the position of furnishings.

If your room has a large space, change the positions of the home furnishings periodically. A change in format is like a breath of fresh air, therefore explore on varied locations for your bedding fixtures and furniture. Not only are you able to clean hidden spots in your room, the quality of ventilation is also improved. To attain this tip, you will need some help from older people in your family or a strong friendly neighbor so that any accident is avoided.


Don’t stress yourself with high-cost renovation procedures for your bedroom because there are tons of do-it-yourself techniques to improve its physical condition. Explore the online world and grab the most creative ideas you can find. In the end, you will be happy to achieve a project that didn’t require a lot of spending.

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