5 Unique Wedding Themes For Non-Traditional Brides

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Published on May 11th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Weddings are no longer confined to the solemn oath-taking ceremony in a vast cathedral with everybody’s eyes focused on the bride, as she walks down the aisle in her wedding gown. It is an ordeal to get through for many women, as well as men because it is difficult not to feel unnerved with so many eyes focusing on you. This, perhaps, was the reason for themed weddings and location weddings.

Themed weddings need special mention because these can have a relaxing effect on everybody. The trend is fast catching on and more and more sites, as well as objects, are now available on hire for such themed weddings. These weddings are slightly expensive when compared to traditional weddings, but in many ways, more fun as well.

Here are 5 interesting wedding themes that have been used by people-

  1. Starry Night Themed Wedding

This is an expensive option because linen that is a combination of dark blue, navy blue and black is used extensively. It is used to drape tables, curtains, and centerpieces. Shades of violet and purple are also acceptable in some areas such as curtains. White crockery and candles are used on tables. The menu card is also written in dark blue or violet. Transparent beads and crystals that create starry effect hang from different places in the room such as flower vases which hold white flowers with green leaves, curtains, and other parts of the room. Light plays a crucial role in creating the starry effect through the crystals. Candles are used prominently in this wedding theme. The cake is white, but it has a paper band which is violet or purple.

  1. The Beatles Themed Wedding

How can you show your undying love for your favorite musical group? And how do you tell others the theme without actually spelling it out? Try naming tables after their albums. Escort cards can be cassette tapes. Heart shapes everywhere reminds of love about which they sang so many songs. Sing one of their songs as well. How about “Love” written by the one and only John Lennon? Let everybody join in singing those. Let their music be there instead of other songs as the bride walks in with her parents.

  1. Travel Themed Wedding

For those who met in flight and their love blossomed from there, travel theme may seem unique and interesting. Objects that indicate some of the travel destinations that the couple has visited has been used. Escort cards can be made for plane tickets or passports. The cake can be shaped like luggage or plane. The options are innumerable, and costs are not likely to burn a hole in the pocket.

  1. Fairy Tale Themed Wedding

There are specific locations for weddings such as this. Choices include Cinderella, Snow White, Wizard of Oz, etc. There are quaint little houses and pathways with a lot of objects and additions that are suggestive of such tales. There are castles too which can become an excellent backdrop to solemnize wedding vows. Wedding cakes can be shaped like castles or carriages.

  1. Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Great Gatsby was a movie released in 2013, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. But the original story was written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Since Gatsby was a multimillionaire in the book, everything can afford to be expensive. The yellow car is necessary because the story has a lot to do with it. Such weddings do not require any formal attire, but usually black colored clothes are worn by guests because, in the end, Gatsby is shot for no fault of his own. This is a strange theme for wedding and that is what makes it unique. The cake can be the yellow car or Gatsby’s mansion.


It is not every day that people get married. Such moments need to be made memorable and unique. Opting for theme weddings helps to relive some of the interesting stories in personal life or lives of others. Moreover, the ideas are unique and entertaining for guests as well.

Photo Credit: matthewdruin.com via Compfight cc

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