5 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget

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ELEMENT OF STYLE 5 Ways to Look Expensive on a Budget

Published on October 6th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Who doesn’t like to be noticed and receive appreciation and praise with the way they look? When walking with friends or colleagues in a busy street who doesn’t want to be notable because of their designer clothes? Who doesn’t want to stand out in a roomful of people due to their expensive and stylish bags, jewelries and accessories? Every girl dreams to see herself in expensive designer clothes, but budget (or rather lack of it) doesn’t allow most of us to head to a designer store. This very thought makes most of us fret, but wait is there a way to deal with this? Of course there is. Check these few tips to make you look and feel fashionably expensive even on a budget.

  1. Choose a good fabric – Selection of fabric plays a vital role in giving you an elegant and rich look. Cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, linen, dasheen and denim are some of the most popular quality fabrics. All these fabrics add to the grace of the outfit. Moreover, these fabrics are comfortable and wearable and most of them are pocket friendly. Always steer clear of synthetic as it is harsh on skin and looks too tacky. Choose clothes that fit well on your body and get your old clothes altered on time before making a fashion blunder of yourself among your friends.
  2. Pleather is in – It is a mixture of synthetic leather and plastic and can be dyed easily. It gives a look of real leather; it is very popular among designers as it is flexible and easy to work with. Pleather corsets, pants, jackets, skirts blended with chiffon or georgette tops make a really elegant fashion piece.
  3. Pick a nice handbag – When going out for shopping, or a movie, or dinner, carry nice and bold leather. If a real leather bag is too heavy on your budget go for a pleather bag which is available at low price. It marks your stylish fashion yet displays you as an animal friendly creature. A bold color leather bag will define your style statement among friends.
  4. Select the jewelry carefully – A nice delicate piece of bracelet, a stylish wrist watch, an exquisite ring or a catchy earring will make your attire stand out. You do not need to go for real gold or diamond jewelry from a branded store to look fashionable and classy. You can choose from many fashion jewelries available both in store and online. There are several stores that offer a wide variety of designs at reasonable prices.
  5. Grab yourself a good coat – If you are preparing your winter wardrobe buy yourself a long coat or a warm winter jacket. It will conceal what fabric you are wearing underneath. Also buy a fabric shaver and remove the pilling from your old sweaters. Get them dry cleaned and wear them with pride on a pair of denim jeans.


Lastly, handle your clothes, jewelry and other accessories with great care. Everything needs maintenance and even branded stuff is not exempted to wear and tear. If you are to make an inexpensive piece look like a branded one you need to be a little more cautious with its maintenance and use.

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