5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

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Published on May 8th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Wedding bands are used every day. It is not as if they cannot be altered or engagement ring cannot be integrated into them. But most people prefer to wear simple wedding rings. What would constitute as perfect wedding band differs from person to person. But here are five ways to pick the excellent wedding band.

  1. Decide on the budget

This is where every purchase begins, but after deciding on the maximum limit, the search should begin with bands that are half of that estimated amount for wedding bands. At times, there are appealing varieties well within the budget, which show the celebration and yet look good on hands.

  1. Be sure how you want your ring to look

It is a ring that people have to live with for a long time, 24/7, 365 days. Therefore, it should be something that is pleasing to the eye, and yet not something that will hinder regular activities such as cooking, cleaning, or office work. Usually, people do have some idea, but those who do not have any idea about wedding bands would be better off checking a few designs on the Internet.  It will give people an idea of how the ring would look and which metal would be more suitable for them.

  1. Search internet for available alternatives

Nowadays, there are several jewelry websites and jewelry stores that sell their products online. It is easier to find what people are looking for than in the past. It is also easier to develop any custom design wedding band as needed based on features of different wedding bands available on these websites. Jewelry websites also give options such as varying the karat of gold and diamond to suit the budget.  Many couples believe that their wedding rings should be almost identical twins. This is a wrong notion. It is alright to have different tastes, and consequently wedding rings that are not alike.

  1. Keep it simple so that stones are not lost

Excessively ornate designs tend to accumulate dirt. Too simple a design resembles the band of nuns. Therefore, any such design should be ornate enough to be identified as a wedding band, and yet it should be easy to clean as well. Stones may come out in some types of rings. Therefore, such wedding bands are best avoided. In fact, an important factor to be considered while purchasing a wedding band is its maintenance. The more ornate it is, the more would be its cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Remember that wedding band is used for long term

Over the years trends change. Opting for a contemporary design may make the ring look old-fashioned after a few years and some money may have to be spent for a contemporary look. But classic and traditional wedding band varieties never really go out of fashion. Buying old-fashioned wedding band may even be cheaper when compared to designer wedding ring.


Purchasing wedding bands is the first thing the couple do together. Therefore, it is necessary to understand each other’s requirements for the ring and purchase accordingly. The rich, of course, do not have any such problems because they can buy the most expensive wedding bands they want.

Photo Credit: Selbe <3 via Compfight cc

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