6 Smart Tips For Naturally Gorgeous Hands

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Published on July 2nd, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Do you know your hands are often as expressive as your eyes? Therefore, they need as much attention in your beauty regimen. Over the years, hands start developing wrinkles and the nail start becoming brittle and lose their smoothness. Some may even form hard lines. Skin tones also start varying. Fingers also express tiredness when used for long hours on keyboards. The hands seem to be screaming manicure, manicure. But there are natural ways to keep your hands looking gorgeous all the time. Here are six simple and smart tips for naturally gorgeous hands.

But before that, let us consider what manicurist does for you, and how to do the same thing with some naturally available things right in your home.

  1. Exfoliates your hands

A manicurist uses an artificial exfoliating agent. But the same effect can be achieved by using sugar and butter mix. The quantum of butter should be twice as much as the sugar. Mix the two and rub it on both your hands till sugar finds a way inside the skin. The dirt and grime which you could not see will move out as you wash your hands after it leaving the skin on your hands looking fresh and clean.

  1. Soothe your hands

Soaking your hands in warm water can help the nerves and blood vessels ease all around, and reduce that overall tired look that hands acquire with excessive usage on computers. Some manicurists add secret concoctions, which are nothing but artificial fragrances. They are not necessary. If you do have access to Rose, perhaps you could use rose petals in the water, squeezing a few in the warm to get the fragrance as well as other natural compounds from the petal that help the skin and nerves.

  1. Wash your hands with warm water

Your skin will complain if the water is too cold or too hot. Better listen to it. Add herbs known for cleaning and soothing skin such as calendula, sage, or chamomile. Your manicurist may have artificial product for it, but such a product is not really necessary. You could even use a piece of lemon for washing your hand in that warm water. But this, you already know from restaurants, don’t you?

  1. Wipe your hands gently and then moisturize them

They are your hands, so you better not be indifferent to them or else they will sulk. Dabbing makes them feel as pampered as you feel when you go to a salon.  If you do not have natural moisturizer at home, you might want to use milk with mashed potato in it. Cover your hands with this mixture as a face pack, and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes for excellent results. If you do not have mashed potato, only milk should also do as a moisturizer.

  1. Do not forget to wear gloves when and if you are working with water and soap

Gloves are not only for using in surgical labs or pathological labs. They should be used as frequently as possible when doing dishes, or other water-related chores. But if you do not have a pair that can be utilized in the water, you might want to apply oil on your hands to prevent water and harsh soaps from hurting your skin. Sunscreens are always good. Natural ones such as coconut oil do leave a fragrance you may not be too fond of. How about using lavender oil or eucalyptus oil then?

  1. Time for polishing nails now

No manicure job can be complete without attending to these. Truth be told, there are no natural products to adorn these, and there are ample “nail friendly” nail polishes available in the market. Do remember to apply a base coat, and additional coat if needed though.


Your fingers could capture the attention of your audience, and you would want them to. They add to your grace and beauty so why not give them the attention they deserve, without hurting them in the long run, and without burning a large hole in your pocket by regularly going  to the manicurist. After all, there are simple natural options for making your hand look beautiful.

Photo Credit: Galveston.com via Compfight cc

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