Balancing Time with Career and Family

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Gone are the days when men are for the workplace and women are for the home only. In these times where lifestyle is fast-paced and money is scarce, it is no longer enough for the father to be the only breadwinner. Most parents today are considered career individuals who are busy in their own work fields. By combining both incomes, every need of the family is completely sufficed. It is also during these times when you see a lot of working mothers who are doing their best to balance career, household chores and family life. Accomplishing all these responsibilities is definitely difficult but, with some advice from experts, good habits can be achieved. If you are a career mom, here are some helpful tips to try:

Train Your Children to Accomplish Morning Tasks

If you have kids at the ages of seven to twelve, it’s high time that you train them for some simple morning tasks. This will surely save you time and effort on your morning duties. Examples to these are folding their blankets, preparing their own clothes, putting dishes on the table, etc. Assigning simple duties to your children is also a good way to train them to become responsible in the future.

Utilize a Space in the Kitchen for Reminders

Use a small visible space in your kitchen where you can post some notes and some general reminders for the family. The kitchen is where the whole family meets during mealtime; therefore ‘to-do lists’, reminders and stuff can be seen by everyone. As a working mom, your mind is filled with lots of things from office duties to household chores and the reminders board will help you accomplish important obligations and commitments for household and work.

Install One Key Holder in a Visible Area

Finding keys often takes a lot of time. Secure an accessible place in your living room or any place close to the main door for car keys and house keys. Since there is only one place for these articles, it becomes an instinct to put them in the right place. Hence, searching for them is quick and easy.

Create a Tracking System for each Family Member

With today’s digital technology, ensure that you are connected with your family in all possible ways. Communicate with your family using smartphones or access them through social networks. This will take worries away.

Maximize Weekends for Family Time

As a working mom, make it a point to spend weekend meaningfully with the family. A trip away from home could be a great opportunity for bonding and relaxation.

Becoming a mother is perhaps, the hardest job in the world. From sleepless nights of rearing a sick child to doing the laundry to flying overseas for business trips, choosing which to prioritize is a dilemma to face every time. However, the bright side of the situation is that there is always a better approach to every responsibility. Good habits, time management and a positive outlook put everything in harmony.

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