Basic Make-Up Application Like that of a Pro

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Make-up application need not be done by a pro as long as you are determined to learn the process by yourself. Another fact is that, makeup products don’t need to be expensive in order for you to look fabulous. As a matter of fact, whatever make-up items you have in your cabinet can work wonders. If you want to learn professional makeup the easy way, here are some tips you can try:

1. Apply Foundation in an Even Format

To create a matte finish all over your face, apply foundation evenly. Take note that the foundation shade is dependent on the color of the skin. Research about foundation shades on the internet and determine appropriate colors for dark skin tone as well as fair skin tone. In this first step, you will need two kinds of brushes, one is the angled brush and two is the big fluffy brush. Use the angled brush first starting from the eye socket moving outwards towards the hairline. After which, use the big fluffy brush to evenly spread the foundation making the facial skin look natural.

2. Outline the Lips and Apply Lipstick After

Using a lip liner, outline the contour of the lips. This serves as a boundary point for the lipstick not to spread above the line. Use nice red colored lipsticks that are not too flashy so that it won’t outshine other make-ups on the face. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for some sparkle by adding lip gloss for the last layer. If you want to make you lipstick last all day you should try this trick; after applying lipstick dab a tissue to your lips so that the color will create a stain on your lips, after which apply another coat and finish it with a gloss.

3. Paint the Eye Area

While the eyelids are part of the foundation application, eye shadow is going to be a second layer. The best eye shadow colors are the different shades of brown. Today’s modern trends suggest other earth colors such as green, gray and charcoal as long as they fit the outfit and occasion. A small brush is needed to apply eye shadow starting from the side portion moving inwards. This basic technique is like following the shape of the rainbow where shading can go left to right and vice versa. Glittery eye shadow can be applied above the eyelids for added highlights.

4. Make the Eyelashes Long

Without artificial eyelashes, mascara can do just the trick. Mascara is actually the last make-up procedure so that no black smears would appear on the face. Apply mascara using its classic applicator starting from lower part of the eyelashes moving outwards and upwards.

Through basic knowledge in make-up application and your willingness to learn more soon there will be no need for a professional makeup artist. Learning the basics is essential which will eventually lead to experimentation. Constant exposure to modern trends will also help you hone your skills.

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