Are you becoming too demanding?

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MARRIED Are you becoming too demanding

Published on October 6th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Marriage is an institution run by a couple on the grounds of love, mutual respect and fidelity. This institution begins with love and unwavering faith, but soon serious marital problems start cropping up which lead to separation if not resolved on time. Every marriage gives telltale signs while progressing on the verge of getting over. The couple needs to pay heed to small problems like nagging, lack of time and unreasonable demands and try resolving their issues before it became serious. Among the 3, being too demanding is probably one of the reasons why couples eventually split up.

Here are a few telltale signs revealing that you are becoming too demanding in your relationship.


  1. Keeping your partner away from his/her loved ones Are you one of those who stop your partner from connecting to their friends, close relatives and colleagues. Do you stop them from replying to the messages and calls of the people who were once an integral part of their life? If you are one of them then beware, your partner may not approve this behavior. There should be adequate space for every relationship.
  2. Having different set of rules for your partner – Do you follow the same rules yourself which you have levied on your partner? Or do you go out with friends late at night, but disapprove this when your partner does the same? People in a relationship must give equal freedom and space to each other, and if they set rules then they must be applied equally on both the partners.
  3. Becoming finance minister – In today’s time when it is not easy to make both ends meet and your partner spends lavishly on a certain item you are bound to raise a question on his/her negligence of the issue. But if you are one of those who wants to boss around in financial matters and take full charge in your hands then you are bound to lose your relationship as no one wants to remain subdued to his/her partner forever.
  4. Complaining about lack of communication – Lack of communication is often contemplated to be one of the major causes of relationship issues, but many a times partner complains about their better half wanting to spend some alone time. Every individual likes spending some alone time pondering over some good and bad events of life. This is very normal so do not force your partner to involve in a communication every time you both are sitting together. Let silence speak sometimes.


  1. Trying to change your partner – If you are trying to transform your habits out of willingness for your better half then it is a good sign, but if are trying to change your partner to suit your needs then you are becoming demanding. Nagging your partner to behave in a particular manner is a significant sign of you becoming too demanding.

Before it is too late try to resolve the issues between you and your partner. You just need to administer the cause of conflicts and check your behavior to know whether or not your unreasonable demands are taking a toll on your relationship.

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