Beware; Your Make-Up May Not Be Good For You!

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MAKE UP & SKINCARE Beware; Your Make-Up May Not Be Good For You!

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

All women like to enhance their natural features with beauty enhancing products like highly commercialized make-ups. Statistically speaking, women’s handbags are commonly stuffed with make-up kits, lotions, perfumes and other beauty essentials aside from their daily necessities. But did you know that using too much makeup products could be unhealthy for you? Of the topical products used, 60% of these are absorbed by the skin. Many studies claimed that potentially harmful chemicals like pesticides, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and toxins are found on our favorite makeup products. In a layman’s term, some make-up ingredients are not good for you. On a daily basis, the average woman actually applies 175 different chemicals on the skin, whenever she applies the makeup.

Here are few of the possibly harmful chemicals that most make-up products contain. Check the list out and see whether your favorite beauty tool is giving you more than just enhanced feature but a health risk as well.

  • Phthalates

They are found in the artificial fragrance products. For instance, perfumes and the air fresheners use this family of chemicals. They are used for stabilizing the chemicals that offer the fragrance. This chemical can lead to early menopause and even infertility in women and men. Sex hormones are reduced because of the continuous use of the phthalates.


  • Amine

This ingredient is often used in the various make up products. They are the agents that contribute to the foaming in the bar and the detergents. They increase the shelf life of the products. Hormone disruption is a major threat associated with this chemical. There are other threats too that can be fatal. Cancerous growth in liver and kidney can be caused because of the use of Amine.


  • Nonylphenol

Hair colors and dyes are the products that use this chemical. You can identify them as alkalyphenol in the labels. The hormonal balance of the body is disturbed in men and women because they tend to act like the hormone of estrogen in the bodies of those who use it.


  • Parabens

These are chemicals used in the hair care products. They are labeled with methyl, ethyl, and butyl prefixes. They can cause hormonal issues, and there are many references in the past. They are endocrine disruptors. They act like the female estrogen hormone, which causes this effect.


  • Triclosan

The products like the soaps which are designed to be antibacterial purposes use this chemical. The studies carried out over years proven that these chemicals can lead to various types of cancers. Human endocrine system is disrupted to a significant level because of this chemical.

The list above is just some of the common ingredients of our favorite make-ups. Who knows what we actually get each time we swipe our favorite blush or pat our face with our beloved foundation aside from enhanced beauty.  For all we know our much-loved beauty product is actually giving us a serious health risk that could not be removed by a simple facial wash. The best thing to do to minimize the risk is to avoid using too many make-up products as much as possible. If you can’t avoid it altogether then try the natural ones.

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