Book Review: An In-depth Look At Dan Brown’s Inferno

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BOOKS Book Review- An In-depth Look At Dan Brown’s Inferno

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

After the hit of his first two books about Harvard University Symbology Professor Robert Langdon, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code, and the slight success of the third one entitled Lost Symbol, comes the fourth installment in the series: Inferno.


The Story


Back in Florence, Italy, Robert Langdon becomes engrossed in one of the world’s most famous literary classics, Dante’s Inferno. With another ingenious riddle in his hand, the professor and a new leading lady go through secret passage ways while running from assassins to find the answer and, consequently, save the world.


The Honest Review


Dan Brown was catapulted into fame when he came out with the genius that is the Da Vinci Code plus the follow-up (which is actually the prequel) that is Angels and Demons. It was so good that Hollywood made a movie out of each starring no less than the smart and talented Tom Hanks. And he, personally speaking, was a perfect fit for the role of Robert Langdon.


Not a lot of critics and readers loved the third one, the Lost Symbol. So when Inferno was set to be released, there were a lot hoping that this would sort of redeem Brown in so many ways.


The Not So Good

The thing with Dan Brown is that his stories are becoming a tad predictable. Sure, this is about the same extremely smart, middle-aged, specialist-in-his-field, Robert Langdon.


But the rest gets a bit of a bore after a while (or four books about it), especially when it’s the same routine of someone getting killed, meeting a young but equally intelligent woman who is in awe of him, trying to solve a puzzle, running from super skilled assassins, solving that puzzle and, finally, saving the world.


While the world went ooh and aah with the first two books, and some people (looking at you, Catholic Church) frowning upon it, Inferno – with the same plot and everything else – did not really live up to those.


The Good

Brown is not the best writer there is. However, he has spun stories which are so exciting; you’ll flip the pages so quickly wanting to find out what’s going to happen next. You read his book because you learn so many new bits of information which you could share with your friends when you have coffee or dinner. And because you were truly entertained, you’ll tell them to read it too.


Of course, there’s no denying that Dan Brown tells a vivid description of places and architectures that we can only visit in our dreams or hope to visit in our next lifetime and that adds to the excitement of the readers every time he releases a new book. Not to mention that Langdon has his own strings of women admirers on his wake with his genius, boy-next-doorsy type.



Despite some not so good publicity over Brown’s new plot and settings, his 4th novel starring Robert Langdon is undeniably a success. Surely fans of Dan Brown are already looking forward to the next adventure of Langdon.


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