Buying a Wedding Ring When You’re On a Budget

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WEDDING RINGS Buying a Wedding Ring When You’re On a Budget

Published on September 24th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

So you want to ask your girlfriend to marry you. But you’re racking your brains as to how you could propose when you haven’t saved a lot recently. You’re not sure if you could buy the ring she has been dreaming of. Now, you have doubts as to whether you’re good for her or if you can provide for her.


Alright, stop panicking!


It all boils down to this fact: it’s just a ring. You’ll find the perfect one soon enough – one that she’ll love and one that is within your wedding ring budget. Read on to know how:


Is It a Strictly ‘Diamond Ring Only’ Rule?


While it is normal for most women to go ga-ga over a large, sparkling diamond on their finger; that does not mean that they won’t fall in love with other gems too.


Try buying their birthstone instead (unless they were born in April since theirs is still diamond). Unique and creative women would go for other gemstones, something that will be different from the rest. Here’s to hoping that your girlfriend is that kind of woman.


So the answer here is: NO, it’s not a strictly ‘diamond rings only’ rule. However, you should be sure that the stone you got is real. After all, it is a symbol. Getting her a fake one – and you know that it is – makes the whole proposal affair a sham.


The Four C’s


Come again?


Alright, men, the Four C’s refers to: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. These are completely alien terms to you but it could help you find the perfect engagement ring for your lovely partner. Those four points will also give you an idea how much the ring may cost.


While the Four C’s are more often used for diamonds, these can be the basis of the beauty and price of other gemstones as well.


How Much Should You Spend?


Some are saying that you should have saved at least two months’ worth of your salary to be able to buy a great engagement or wedding ring. That’s too much for most men, true, but one tip here is to think of that ring as your car. No man would blink at purchasing a car. And that should be the attitude you should have when looking for a ring for the love of your life.


But wait… If the ring that you think your bride-to-be wants is just way off your wedding ring budget, don’t go for it. We’ll go back to the point that this is merely a symbol. And symbols aren’t meant to put you into debt.


Don’t put so much emphasis on how much diamond rings today cost. It may be a plus point, getting her a huge rock on her finger but please remember: that is not the most important part of the proposal.


You love her. You want to spend the rest of your life with her. And you’re giving her a ring as a symbol of that. If she says yes, great! That’s what matters in the end.


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