Can Work At Home Career Make Your Family Happier?

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CAREERS Can Work At Home Career Make Your Family Happier

Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Traditionally, work-at-home careers were essentially associated with women, especially caregivers. They were rarely well paying jobs. But over the years, job descriptions have changed, and many of high paying jobs have also become work-at-home jobs. It is, therefore, not surprising to find work-at-home career for dad or mom nowadays.


Benefit of work-at-home for father includes-


  1. More time with family. This is where the family bonding lacked, with mothers getting the lion’s share of responsibility, love, and bonding. Now, fathers can be around their family too. Moreover, better bonding with family ensures long-lasting relationships as well.


  1. Reduced travel time and associated fatigue. Most of the jobs require people to move. There are traffic jams and consequent stress of reaching office in time. Moreover, people have to travel to and from the office, meaning this stressful routine happens twice in a day. It can be avoided entirely.


  1. Improved productivity because of more relaxed environment and lack of office politics.


  1. Saving on gas cost, since commuting is less. Such work-at-home people also do not need more than one car as they do not have to commute. Therefore, they save on interest on one of the car loans, apart from repairs and maintenance of such vehicle. If they are forced to live in a place that come with two car parking places, then they can reduce their rental charges by opting for a place that has only one car parking.


  1. For entrepreneurs, work from home has many advantages. For example, they can deduct part of their phone bills, electricity bill, water bill, cleaning bill, maintenance bill etc., from their business income, effectively reducing profits, and eventually taxes. They also save on renting another office premises for their work.


  1. There is no restricted way of thinking and working. This means people can work based on quantum of work rather than fixed timings, subject of course to the deadlines. They can also increase their knowledge and scope of work, by using Internet and other resources. This gives them more job satisfaction, and they give better output since they understand the work better in relation to the overall organization picture. They also are at greater liberty to think of out of box solutions to problems. Consequently, the chances of them being promoted are more.


  1. They can manage the personal finance better because they do not have to defer the work to another time or depend upon others for doing things in time.


  1. They can guide their children better in their educational pursuits, including school studies.


  1. They can take care of young ones or other sick or old relatives in any emergencies, without having to take leave.


  1. They can take care of their family members on some of the tasks, which may be extremely laborious and which may have forced them to stay beyond office hours for completing.


As can be seen from the above, there are lots of benefits for work-at-home fathers as well as mothers. Advantages of such works far outweigh its few minor disadvantages.


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