Welcome to the Travel Section of LuckyMorning. If you were looking for realistic travel tips, hotel suggestions that would fit the budget and other useful information on the best travel destinations in and out the country, you’ve made the right decision of going here. Your hard work has paid off and you felt like taking a breather for a while. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a week’s escape to a secluded paradise, your much awaited vacation surely took some time before it happens so it’s only natural to ensure that every little detail is perfect to avoid unnecessary delays and incidents. With helpful tips from LuckyMorning you’ll be assured that you have all the necessary know-hows to plan your perfect getaway. We’ll feature here the best destinations in the planet, with guidelines on what to look out for when you reach the place. You can plan your itineraries well with our tips on the best places to see from museums to galleries to other landmarks, places to eat from well-known fine dining locations to run-of-the-mill eateries that serve good foods for little bucks, and things to do from shopping to sightseeing to joining traditions and festivities. If you need help on where to stay then we also have the answer for you as we feature the best Hotels, Motels and Bed and Breakfast Inns on the planet. Even if you’re a backpacker who’s looking for adventure or a solo traveler with limited budget, we have accommodation tips that will be useful for you. Of course a fulfilling holiday will not be possible without the right knowledge on what to bring during your trip. Even if you’re flying solo, you need to prepare all the essentials to ensure that you never have to make unnecessary stopover to buy whatever it is you missed to bring with you. Not only it is a hassle, it is also annoying to realize that your packed stuff is not enough to last the whole week. With practical travel tips from LuckyMorning you’ll have all the necessary information to help you plan a journey that you’ll never forget.
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