Cheap and Safe Holiday Destination for Women

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Published on May 20th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Going solo on a holiday is fun. But we do know why not a lot of women do this a lot. With all those new stories about female travelers getting kidnapped (or worse) in different parts of the globe, going solo is a bit scary.

Then you have hotel room thefts, pickpocketing and snatching incidents to deal with and the usual troubles of being taken advantage of by cheating guides who would charge a solo traveler more than what is fair.

But not all places are a nightmare to women and traveling solo is actually fun if you know how to plan your trip properly and pick the right places to explore. So we are listing five amazing holiday destination for women which are safe to explore alone.

  1. Practically Anywhere in Canada

This country has some of the most beautiful and untouched places in North America. And it’s not so expensive traveling here too. This is the object of so many jokes for the past years but it is the truth: Canadians are really friendly people. So women will have very little problems being alone here.

  1. Auckland, New Zealand

The City of Sails is a great place to unwind without having to spend everything in your bank account. Orewa boasts of 3 kilometers of white beaches and Waiwera Thermal Resort is best for relaxing afternoons after a whole day of sight-seeing.

  1. Hawaii

Why travel so far and expensively when we’ve got one of the most breathtaking islands in the world? Hilo is considered to be one of the safest spots for solo travelers – especially women. And they’ve got everyone’s favorite nut – the macadamia!

  1. Oslo, Norway

The Scandinavia has always been a favorite of solo wanderers – especially for the ladies since they ensure equal treatment for all. And this city has some of the most wonderful landscapes (both land and sky) in the northern hemisphere.

  1. Taiwan

We can’t end this list without including one of the South East Asian nations with the most welcoming hospitality ever. And this small island, with its spectacular views and friendly locale, is every single world traveler’s best kept secret.

The fact is every place has its own danger just like every place has its own charm. But if you let those fears get into your head, how in the world will you get to experience the fun, excitement and utter wonder of traveling solo?

Be the slightly pessimist planner so that you’ll be the optimist traveler. If you like to explore a foreign place on your own make sure that you know the place that you’re going to really well by researching on what the people and other past travelers are talking about, before you hop on a plane. Planning well is protection enough for all women (or any traveler). You can enjoy the thrill of going on your own for a little break but always practice caution and avoid wandering on the dark corners at night.

Photo Credit: BOMBTWINZ via Compfight cc

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