Choosing a Handbag that Suits All Seasons is an Art

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Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Ladies love handbags. They need them too. But selecting them can be a tricky proposition. Some bags are within the budget. Others are too plain and yet others are embellished way too much. Some do not match the wardrobe. Other bags may not go with the lady’s personality. Then there is the question of bag’s interiors. With too many things to think about have you ever wondered how to correctly pick the perfect bag for you? Check these criteria below.

  1. Look for Purpose

If you want to buy the bag for a particular purpose such as for office, be sure to bear that in mind. It is easy to look at alternatives. Some bags have eye-catching designs. The lady may be tempted to spend on something she does not need, which may also not match with her wardrobe. Therefore, when selecting a handbag, remembering its purpose is important. Recognizing the use also helps in considering the features. For example if the bag is to be regularly used, and a lot of things are to be carried around in it, then it will need additional support at the lower end. Designers provide such support by extending the straps that go right into the bag.

  1. Look for Material

Handbags are made from different materials. If the bag needs to last long, leather is an excellent choice. But it’s hard to identify real leather from bad or ordinary leather. Reputed bag designers treat the leather so that it works for a long time.

  1. Look at the Finishing

This means the look for material cuts, edges, and stitches. If the bag is supposed to last long, considerable care would be taken to ensure that stitches are firm and proper. Likewise, the material is cut and stitched rightly. These are small details but reveal a lot about the durability or lack of it.

  1. Look at the Bag’s Interior

Low-quality bag manufacturers tend to compromise here. Good quality handbags come with canvas or internal suede lining. Another thing to watch out for is the opening of the bag. Bags are used for many purposes. Therefore, the opening should be wide enough to let the lady push her hand in search of whatever she is looking for. Depth, size, and width of the bag depend upon the purpose for which the bag is to be used. More internal pockets help to keep the contents organized and easily accessible.

  1. External Embellishments

A bag should not be too plain and yet it should not be adorned excessively. Watch out for the external decorations that are likely to come off. If they do, then the bag would be of no use. In good quality bags, stitching ensures that such embellishments do not come off.

  1. Zips and Buckles

Low-quality zips and buckles reveal a lot about the quality of the bag. Designers never use low-quality buckles, zips, and other embellishments on their bags.

  1. Consider Alternatives

Some people stick to traditional colors, i.e., whites, blacks, and browns. But strikingly different and bright colors also blend well with dark coats and garments. Similarly, some bags are designed for wearing them across the body. Such cross body bags are ideal for wearing when traveling. If the bag is to be used when moving, then this option should be considered instead of opting for conventional varieties.

  1. Length of the Shoulder Straps

Too long a set of shoulder straps can make it difficult to access the contents quickly. Shorter straps, on the other hand, are a handicap because your hands are not free and you may look odd with the handbag pressed against your body under your arm. That is definitely not stylish.


Handbags are more than stylish accessories. They are essential for carrying many of the personal effects of the lady. But like any other accessory, handbags too need to be maintained, especially if they are made from leather. It is necessary to know what can damage the leather of the bag, and how such damage can be prevented.

Photo Credit: dunikowski via Compfight cc

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