Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Length

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WEDDING DRESS bridal dress

Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

The highlight of any wedding occasion is the entrance of the bride towards the aisle. It is during this very time when all eyes are focused on the bride. Perhaps, this is one reason why the bride’s dress is a crucial factor in the entire wedding plan. If your wedding day comes a couple of months from now, you have ample time to decide on the style, cut and design of your bridal dress. While you will need some friends and relatives to deliberate on the dress, here are some deciding factors you should consider:

1. The Location

The wedding location is an important factor because this will dictate whether your dress should be floor length, knee length, above the ankle or above the knee. If it is a garden wedding and you are expected to walk on stony or grassy paths, your dress length should be beside the ankle so that walking on grassy areas won’t be a difficulty. In the case of a ballroom venue or clubhouse, floor length is just okay because floor area is plain and smooth. As for a beach venue, knee-high dress or above-the-knee length dress is just appropriate for the windy, sandy ambiance.

2. The Season

Floor-length dress is applicable for weddings done in the cold seasons such as winter and fall. Knee-high dress or above-the-knee length dresses are good choices for spring and summer. Take note that footwear also matters in the process of choosing a dress. However, dress must come first before buying the bridal shoes.

3. The Budget

Budget is another major concern when choosing a bridal dress. Obviously, the more fabric to be used, the more expensive the dress is. If budget is quite a constraint, go for simple ankle length dress with less fabric. Bridal trail is only an option for those who can splurge on their dress as this requires yards and yards of satin or lace textile. Should the wedding be a simple but intimate with a few guests, knee-length dress is just ideal for the occasion. On the other hand, floor-length trailed gown applies to a grandiose wedding where guests are VIPs and wealthy individuals.

4. Your Body Size

Body size is not a major consideration but an essential factor in choosing a dress. As for slim women with regular height, any length of dress is applicable. However, for overweight brides or those that have larger build, short dress is not appropriate therefore; go for the regular ankle length gowns. Make sure that the dress is not too tight or too loose. Apart from boosting confidence, a perfectly fitted wedding dress can highlight your best feature and conceal body flaws; therefore, it is very important that you choose the appropriate cut and style of wedding dress.

By using the above-mentioned factors, you will surely have the perfect dress for your wedding. The next thing you need to worry about is your hairstyle and accessories.

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