Color Me Baby: Nail Art 101

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NAILS Color Me Baby- Nail Art 101

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Today’s modern trends of manicure and pedicure are not just contained to the idea of plain nail polish painted on nails. It has evolved into a more stylish format paving the way to the advent of nail art. Interestingly, nail art shares a rich history of using colored dye from plants many centuries ago. Civilization entered the world, and it was only then when chemical nail polish was used.

While nail trends come in various styles and designs, application can be simple for as long as practice is carried out. Learn nail art in its simplest format by following the steps below:

Trim Your Nails and Keep them Clean

Before any nail polish or nail art is done, it is necessary to clean the nails by removing old nail polish and administer the usual manicure. Trim the nails and use a nail file for proper shaping

Apply a Base Coat

Use clear nails polish as a base coat and allow this to dry after a couple of minutes. Take note that the nails have to be totally dry before applying nail art. Colorless polish is very cheap and always available in any beauty care shop so you won’t have a problem finding or buying one.

Practice with Beginner Designs

Practice painting the nails with beginner designs starting at the very tip portion of the nails. Use various colors and acquaint yourself with proper brush handling. Practice is done best on somebody’s fingernails. This will help you master the element of control. During the practice stage, you can use masking tape to cover some parts of the nails. After which, take off the tape and view the result.

Add Jewels and Stickers

Once you have mastered your skills on beginner designs, it is time to put some add-ons to enhance the nails further. Use miniature stickers and slowly lay these on each nail. Use tiny jewels as alternative or paste both of them.

Experiment on Glitters

There are nail polish products which are already mixed with glitters. However, you can always opt for DIY glitter application. Glue some glitters on top of the nails and then cover this with a colorless coat for additional adhesive.

Explore the Web and Search for Designs

Nail trends come in tons and you can see all these on the web. Browse on nail art websites and copy designs which you think you can handle. From basic polka dots to animal prints, you will enjoy viewing a wide array of nail art designs.

Nail art is considered a talent which can be honed further through constant practice and exposure. Since acquiring nail art service is quite more expensive than ordinary manicure, learning few nail art tricks could be very beneficial to your pocket. Therefore, use your imagination and apply these given tips in achieving nail art at a low cost. With mastery and expertise gained, you will no longer need to enter a beauty salon and spend for a high-cost nail art design since you can easily do it at the comfort of your home.

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