Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Not Cost A Dime

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Published on June 18th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

The world acknowledges the contribution of a mother in the child’s life. But father’s contribution often goes unnoticed. But think about it. Which friend or relative of yours would give you enough money for clothes, education, food, hobbies, etc., without expecting anything in return? You got it! That unsung hero is the father. You cannot of course repay the debt. He’s been so kind that you never felt indebted to him. Yet, on this day, if you recall all that he did for you, without regretting, you might feel that need to give him something that he would love. Hold that moment of gratefulness in your heart when you look for something to repay his debts.

If you are earning well, you would be able to gift him a car, the latest smartphone, new clothes, and even a cruise trip with your mother. But if not, you might end up giving a tie, just like every other son gives. But why not think out of the box this year!

Here are a few things that your father would appreciate and you would not be spending anything except a few hours with him.

  • Let him feel special by waking him in bed with bed tea if that is not done in your home.
  • Clean and settle his closets, drawers, study table, medicine chest, work room, etc. This may be a chore he has been putting off for ages and the task would have mounted to a level that he does not know from where to begin.
  • Do complete mowing, laundry, ironing, plumbing and other repair jobs at home. He has been doing all along for you and your siblings. His hands may not have as much power as they once had. So the job seems too tedious.
  • Give him a bunch of coupons with various chores written on them. He should be able to ask you to drop in and do those chores as and when needed. Though it is unlikely that the father would cash those coupons, he might still want you to drop by and spend some time with him.
  • Have a home-made meals party. If your dad has been staying alone, this will be much appreciated. You could even have more of it made so that he could enjoy home cooked meals the following couple of days. You may add a coupon for such meals as well so that if and when he feels like eating something he can use this private coupon.
  • Organize his activities such as banking, albums scanning, bill payments, etc., including charging his cell phones. There are many things that the previous generation is not aware of. You might want to spend time teaching him that so that the chore becomes easier for him, even when you are not around.
  • Have fun-filled activity included in the day such as playing cards or board games, or even outdoor games with him.
  • If your father prefers solitude, you might accompany him on long walks and let him do the talking. There may be so much he has to share, about his achievements, which he has nobody to share with. People want to be appreciated. When a person retires, opportunities for appreciation also cease. Seniors relive their moments of achievement, but they want somebody to know that they achieved as much. Let them talk and let them feel good about their past accomplishments.
  • If your father enjoys fishing, you might want to accompany him there. Neither of you may talk, but it will be appreciated more than the tie that he may not have an opportunity to wear.
  • You could end the day with a barbecue in the backyard with the entire family around this gentleman. It won’t burn a hole in the pocket, and he would really appreciate such annual rituals rather than expensive ties.

Avoiding spending time with him is not the way to make him loved. Adopt a more human approach, and try to have more of such moments with your parent, who is God’s blessing to you. Such simple and humane gestures don’t cost much but are invaluable in the eyes of your father.

Photo Credit: Stitcher Scribbler via Compfight cc

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