Cropped or Bob? – The Perfect Hairstyle for Short Hair

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HAIR Cropped or Bob The Perfect Hairstyle for Short Hair

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Are you a college student who often feels jealous of your friend’s hair do? Or a working woman bored of wearing the same hair style daily to the office? You might be a social butterfly that’s always seeking compliments from friends especially when it comes to you hair. Would you go for cropped style or short layered look? Are you looking for ways to keep your short hair fabulous throughout the day? Hey friends you are at the right stop for we understand your situation completely thus we have a few style tips for your hair to go right with your outfit suiting the occasion.

A perfect hair style can add glamour to your presence whereas a messy or a casual hair style can ruin your personality and hence your impression on others. Do you have a short hair? Check out these few style tips for a fabulous you!


  1. Choose a correct hair cut – When it comes to having a haircut, never choose a style just because it suits your friend. Her features are different from yours, and the texture of her hair is different from yours. So, always ask your hair stylist which hair style would suit hair texture and enhance your facial beauty.
  2. Style your hair in bob – Bob hair cut does not require much tending. It is easy to be managed and give your personality a spark. You can go for shaggy bob, buzz cut bob, chin-length bob, shingle bob, Chinese bob, A-line bob, or shoulder-length bob again depending on your face cut and hair texture. I personally like chin-length bob, shaggy bob and shoulder-length bob the most. If you are stepping out of home to chill with your friends, you can wear a gem studded headband or a flower headband. It will give you a cute chirpy look. If you are going on work put two stone studded tick tack pins on one side for sober yet trendy look.
  3. Try bouffant on your hair – Bouffant looks equally good on both long locks and short hair. You can make a bouffant and tie your short hair in a ponytail or let them loose. Also you can clutch your open hair with the ends streaking out and giving you a carefree look. If you are getting ready for a party try bouffant with a French twist.
  4. Cropped hair cut displays boldness – If you are the type of person who can carry a bold attitude, then cropped haircut is best suited for your personality. This hair style will make you stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t require any hair accessory as it speaks for itself. You can wear this hairstyle with any dress, at any occasion and be a center of attraction among everyone.
  5. Clutch your curls – If your hair is curly clutch them when going out on work and use bobby pins with wavy side next to your head. You can make small sections of your hair and tie them separately with decorative bands when going to college.
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