Dating 101 for Moms and Dads

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FAMILY Dating 101 for Moms and Dads

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Most couples do not really have the time to go on a romantic date when they both have jobs which take most of their mornings, chores to do when they get home and children to look after 24/7 – however young or old these kids are. But this lack of quality time between spouses is usually the cause of ‘drifting apart’. It could lead to estrangement and in most cases, divorce papers will follow. To prevent any kind of emotional rifts, couples, no matter how busy they are, should include dating to their schedule.


A date for moms and dads does not need to be extravagant. With very short time to spare in between jobs, household chores and baby duties, there’s no use to plan for a laborious escapade.

A few hours or minutes spent for just the 2 of you can do wonder on your relationship. Below are some great date night (or day) ideas which you should take note of and do at least once a week.


  1. Lunch Out Together

Schedule lunch outs with your partner. Before you both leave for work in the morning, talk about where you’ll have lunch. As soon as the clock strikes 12, go to that restaurant, relish the food and enjoy the company of your spouse. If it’s quite impossible to do lunch this week, make time for a few minutes of coffee and dessert in a café somewhere.


Do not talk about problems during your date. Leave the stress of your work in the office and treat this like the amazing date you both experienced when you were still going out.


  1. Workout Date

If you and your partner are health conscious, try going to the gym together. It’s always fun being with someone who wants to achieve the same goal as you do. And when it comes to losing weight and / or keeping fit, being with your partner who drives you will ensure success.


For non-gym aficionados, jogging together in the morning or taking a walk in the park is also a romantic experience that’s both inexpensive and fun.


  1. At-Home Dates

You need not go out of the house on a weekend if you really cannot find a babysitter. Once the kids are sleeping, you could play a board game, watch a nice movie that the both of you like, or read a book together.


If the grandparents like to have your kids around, prepare a nice meal for the both of you. Candlelight dinner in your living room is not just cheap; it’s one of the most romantic things couples could do.


You have already sacrificed a lot for the sake of your family so it’s time, once more, to make each other the center of your universe – once a week, at least. Taking a break from your children once in a while actually makes you a better parent. These dating rules for parents helps you reconnect with your partner in the most romantic way. It will make your marriage and the family bond stronger.


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