Dating Tips for Workaholics

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Published on May 23rd, 2015 | by Joan Makai

The shy people and workaholics can rely on the online dating sites as these platforms serve a great relief. It lets the users date as per their convenience. But, online dating does not alone stop the problem of spending time on dating. On the other hand, the workaholics have got to take care of various fronts. Here are simple dating tips that would let you deal dating with ease if you are workaholic.

Tell the truth

Your workaholic nature has to be there on your profile. Do not hide your nature behind a mask. You need to tell that you are passionate about work, and that would be a priority, and someone who is of the same attitude can understand what you are. So, explain in detail what you are and what you seek!

The looks

Workaholics naturally stick to the dress codes of the workplace. But, if you want to impress your date, this would never work out. Even the date being workaholic would not love the tiresome look. Are you too busy to change yours dress at work? No problem. Still there are ways out. One of them is that you can try a big accessory that would never be allowed at work. Choose the most prominent necklaces or rings that go with the office suit. Your footwear can lead to tiring toes, and why not the cool boots to be tried? When you have done all these, never forget to wipe the face with the facial wipes, and put on some perfume.

Eat something

Wondering what eating has got to do here, especially when you have fixed the dinner with the date? It has got everything. When you are hungry, and you get to see your favorite food, your attention and focus are not on the date. Even if you like to converse, talking between bites would not help much. Grab some snack and keep hunger away, so that you eat and date pleasantly.

Take a day off

Even if you are in love head over heels with your job, understand that there exists the world too, apart from your work. Your date can appreciate your passion for work, but you need to know his or her time. Taking a day off for your dating is the first step you take. If this works out, you can eventually make this for a second date and even a marriage. To ensure that you can break away the shyness or workaholic nature, you need to take some time off the work often and spend time with friends and family.

Your cell phone needs a break too:

The phone of the workaholic works more than the person. So, keep it in silent mode, so that you need not have to spend time on the phone. You need listening ears, and your phone can often disturb you. Maybe a call or message from anyone can remind you of your boss so why not turn it off.

Are you dating a workaholic guy or girl?

  • Listen to him or her patiently. Ask how come the work is so passionate them.
  • Do not rush to achieve the attention. You need to be patient and make him or her understand that you can actually help life let go smoothly.
  • Tell him or her about maintain the proper balance in love and work life in a gentle manner.

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