Don’t Be A Victim Of Health Insurance Fraud

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HEALTH INSURANCE Don’t Be A Victim Of Health Insurance Fraud

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, health insurance fraud is so big that it costs the country billions of dollars annually. And, with the crooks still going at it, it could reach trillions at the end of this year.


The most virulent out there these days are fake policies, offering premiums which are just too affordable to turn down and guaranteeing acceptance even without medical examinations. These scream F-R-A-U-D so beware of these.


But how exactly would you know if an insurance offer is really an insurance scam and not a genuine one? Here are a few signs which instantly scream fraud.


  1. They call you persistently. They send you tons of e-mails. They give you flyers with unbelievably low-cost offers. They pressure you to sign up ASAP or you will miss their amazing offer.
  2. They insist that you join an association because it’s ‘credible’ and will help you get the coverage you need.
  3. They introduce themselves as government workers or claim to be officially-sanctioned by the government. But it doesn’t work that way.
  4. The representative doesn’t give you the full details about the policy. You ask them a question and they try to evade by telling you it’s all indicated in the brochure or on the nifty website that they have.
  5. They tell you that you need to give them your personal financial information before issuing the policy.
  6. When you ask about their licensing, they will answer that they do not need it because they are covered by a special state law. Let us tell you now, there is no such thing as this.


If you did sign up for a policy, despite all those mentioned above, here are more signs which would tell you that it really is a complete health insurance fraud.


  1. They failed to send you your insurance card on time. Genuine policies will give you this very important card promptly.
  2. They do not pay your bills. When you ask them about it, they will tell you it’s a system glitch of some sort or give another reason for the failure of payment.


Now that the new health care law has been passed, expect that you’ll get a lot of these sketchy offers. These crooks are all out to get your financial information and your money in the process.


Spotting an insurance scam does not take rocket science. As long as you open your eyes and use common sense you’ll be able to differentiate the fraud versus the genuine before shedding your hard earned money to a policy that will not help you in case of need. As important as health insurance is, it’s better to be on the safe side at all times. After all you can’t use your fake health card to pay hospital bills. Take time to read online reviews if you have doubts and ask your family or friends for recommendation, they may have previous experiences that you can use to know whether or not a certain insurance company is legit. As a general rule remember this: If it’s too good to be true, when it comes to insurance, it probably is.

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