Don’t Be A Victim Of Online Jewelry Scam

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Uncategorized Don’t Be A Victim Of Online Jewelry Scam

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Online scams are rampant even when it comes to jewelries. More and more people are falling for gemstone and jewelry scams online. Scam artists have set their eyes on your hard earned money, and learned the tricks to lure you with bargain and discounts. With a careful research however and a little prudence you can save yourself from a jewelry scam and potentially warn those who are close to you from falling victim to the same.


  1. Know About Your Stuff – If you are buying online jewelry, do a little research about its making and quality grades. Many sites offer information and authenticity check for stones and metals. Look for the dealers that offer money back guarantee. Once the jewelry was delivered to you, do a fog test. Check the setting and mounting of the diamond and look at its refractivity. For gold ones, look for official markings, do magnet test, rub the gold piece against a stone wall and look for discoloration. If the color fades away it is unreal. You can contact the seller then and ask for a refund
  2. Know the Dealer – If you are doing a purchase from online jewelry sites, then research about the site, check its registration and read customer reviews. Customer reviews may not be completely reliable as many people give paid reviews which lower the credibility of online reviews; still some can be of great help.


  1. Stay Away from “Too Good to be true” Offers – Who would not want a real diamond ring for $100 or a pure gold necklace for say the same price? Knowing the market rates of metals and stones do you really think you can buy them for such a low price? So, if someone is offering you a jewelry piece at this risible price do not grab the offer. This is just a cheap trick to lure you from your hard earned cash.
  2. Do Not Yield To Sales Pressure – Scammers often try to make a pressure on the buyer with soon to go out of stock offer. To which, most of us fall prey out of our greed and fear of losing a great deal. Always take time to reconsider your choice and preference, and the dealer who inhibits you from doing so should also be reassessed.
  3. Check Return Policy Option – If the dealer does not offer a return policy it is a telltale sign that he is a scammer. Reputable and authentic dealers will buy back gold from their customers and do repayment within a period of 72 hours. Also enquire about the limit of purchase that can be returned.
  4. Make a Small Purchase – When you are purchasing online jewelry always go for a small purchase. Although it involves risk, it is to a smaller scale. Dealers may try hard to part you with hard earned money by offering you discounts on bulk purchase, but never give into such offers. Shop smart!
  5. Ask for a Certificate of Appraisal – Certificate of appraisal is the most reliable way to find if your jewelry piece is real or fake. It is a certified proof of the credibility of the stone you are purchasing especially if you buy it online.


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