Etiquette at Work: Why Maintaining It Makes Your Business Earn More

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SUCCESS Etiquette at Work Why Maintaining It Makes Your Business Earn More

Published on September 30th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Customers are always right. Well, they could be wrong a lot of times too but that does not mean that you should tell that in their face or be rude with them. The fact that they are literally keeping your business alive makes them valuable at all times. And that’s the whole idea of the adage.


Good business etiquette is essential when dealing with customers. To achieve this, here are some useful/helpful tips.


Smile at All Times

Customer service begins with a smile. Clients feel better about themselves when they are welcomed with the usual niceties. And if that’s added with enthusiasm, they will want to get whatever you are offering and leave without complains.


Look Presentable

No one really says that you have to overdo the make-up or wear your best Sunday dress. But looking presentable (i.e. properly groomed), even if you’re wearing the same old uniform every single day for the last couple of years, will impress your clients.


Focus on Your Work

There may be a huge problem at home or you might have some management issues at work.

Your customer does not need to know about that. Although it’s hard to act all nice and happy when you’re not in the mood, it’s important to be professional at all times in front of your customers.


It might be hard to get rid of those issues first so you can focus on your job but you have to forget them for a while. If you’re having some difficulties with the customer and you really can’t deal with it, go call the supervisor for help.


Get Off Your Phone

It could be a part of ‘focusing on your work’ but this has to be specifically said. Phones, whether you’re using it to have a bit of a chat with your friend or updating a Facebook status, are a distraction at work. Sure you could sneak for a few minutes when the supervisor is not around and none would be the wiser. Your customers however deserve your 100% attention and they should never be kept waiting. So get off the phone if it’s nothing business related.


Go the Extra Mile

The customer might need help with that little bag. She might need to have her child looked after while she’s fitting the jeans. He might want to try the home component system and listen to how it sounds. A few minutes won’t be so much if it will be for the happiness of your customer.


But business etiquette does not only refer to being nice with your clients. It also means ensuring that there is a very good working relationship between the supervisor and the employees and among the staff.


Etiquette is defined as the customary code of polite behavior among the members of a group or in the society. So it’s pretty commonsensical how one should act at work. Don’t be too loud; don’t interrupt your colleagues, listen when someone is talking to. Simply put, be polite.

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