Extend the Life of Your Favorite Fashion Jewelries

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JEWELRY Extend the Life of Your Favorite Fashion Jewelries

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Fashion jewelries come in real affordable prices as it is made of cheap metals polished with gold and silver coating. When purchased fresh they compete easily with real jewelry pieces because of their shine and luster, but with days of use and abuse they could fade and tarnish eventually. I have often seen girls and young ladies surfing the internet to find ways to protect costume jewelries. This caring for jewelry attitude, display your love for your possessions. It is true that your coveted costume jewelry will not last forever, but certainly there are ways to extend their life and get the most wear out of your treasured fashion jewelries.


  • A Coat of Clear Nail Polish – One of the most tested and proven method is to coat your jewelry pieces with a clear nail polish. It has basic science behind it. We all have studied and seen instances of chemical reaction in our day to day lives. Metals like brass, nickel, copper used in fake jewelry are subjected to discoloration. So to protect them from corrosion apply a coat of clear nail polish. We do the same to prevent rusting of iron with galvanization. You can also apply crystal clear gloss on your jewelry and prevent it from getting chipped. Do not forget to cover the gemstone before coating the piece else it will get dull.


  • Store Jewelry in Separate Cloth Bags – Do not keep all your jewelry in a single box. Although it may consume less space as compared to keeping it in separate pouches you will always find one piece getting entangled in the other. Also you will find yourself hunting through the box to find a piece of earring. Always store your fashion accessory in separate bags. Pick cloth bags as they allow jewelry to breathe and protect them for a longer time.


  • Prevent Exposure to Perfume, Alcohol and Water – The base metal used in fake jewelry when exposed to water loses its shine. Eschew from wearing it in bath or shower or doing household chores. Also stave it off from perfume and alcohol based products as these substances can damage the coating of gold and silver. Always put on your jewelry at the last to avoid its contact with cosmetics and perfume.


  • Clean it With a Soft Cloth – After every use wipe your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth to clean out skin oil, lotion, dirt and other substances. This will ensure longer and good stay of your jewelry pieces.


  • Store Your Jewelry in Cotton – My twelve year old pair of earrings still shimmer, and my solitaire fashion piece still twinkle. The secret is simple; I take good care of each piece by wrapping them in cotton. Artfully wrap your jewelry pieces in cotton and place them in cool dry place. It will keep your trinkets from getting scratches and ensure longer life span of your favorite fashion jewelries.
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