Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Bride-to-Be

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ENGAGEMENT RINGS Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Bride-to-Be

Published on September 24th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Finding the perfect ring to go with your much awaited proposal is not easy. Generally speaking, men won’t spend time reading fashion and lifestyle magazines about women even in search for a perfect engagement ring design and would rather watch a ring match or a baseball game than surf the web to look for ideas.


But when you’re ready to pop the question what could you do to find the perfect engagement ring? Where do you start looking? Here are some basic tips which can help you do so:


It All Begins with the Right Band Size


How embarrassing it would be to present a ring to the woman you want to marry and realize that it doesn’t fit! While that would be a funny story to tell your children and grandchildren, it’s not really the ideal situation.


If you want to surprise her, asking for her band size outright – obviously – is not a good idea. Try sneaking one of her rings out and bringing it to a jeweler to find out what size it is. If you can’t sneak one of her rings for a long period without her noticing it, then the best thing to do is to try it on your finger and see where it will fit. You may not be able to get the correct size by doing that but you’ll be able to get the closest. Making it slightly bigger if you’re not sure about the size is a smart move since it is easier to have it sized down than up.


Band: Gold, Silver or Platinum?


You really only have three choices for the band.


Silver is simple, classy and the least expensive of them all. Not a lot of women favor gold these days because it gives that yellowish tint to the diamond. But don’t worry, it does have the ‘white’ version which looks like silver but is a bit more costly. Platinum, the most durable and priciest of them all, is a huge favorite these days. If you’ve got the funds for it, the third option is the best.


Diamonds are Forever – And She’ll Love It


No woman will say no to a diamond ring so this is always a safe choice. But there are four things you should be taking note of when choosing a diamond: cut, color, clarity and carat (weight). Aside from what she might want, check your bank account too and see if you’ve got the funds for it.


Consider Choosing Other Gemstones


But don’t disregard other gemstones. According to a news report on Forbes, sale of diamond jewelry has dropped very recently which probably means that some women prefer ruby, emeralds and other stones. She might be one of those women – and that must be taken into account.


Simply put, your choice of the perfect engagement ring design for you future fiancée depends on what she might like. By now, you should know everything about her and what she would love. If you’re having doubts, go to her best buddies for some advice. Simple!


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