Finding The Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding

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JEWELRY Finding The Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Most brides mull over their wedding gowns for months that they tend to forget about the rest of the accessories needed for the big day. If you will soon say ‘I Do’, write down ‘fashion jewelry’ on your checklist because this can make or break your whole outfit.


There are no strict rules when it comes to wearing jewelry on your wedding day. You do not have to rack your brains thinking about necklaces and earrings for a very long time. However, you need to make sure that it will complement your trousseau and that it is appropriate to the overall theme of your wedding.


Here are some specific examples of theme weddings and the perfect jewelry set which you should have.


Garden Wedding


Whether this is set in your backyard, the community park or near the beach, garden weddings are generally simple affairs.


Plain satin or lacy white dresses are often the style of wedding gowns for this theme. Pearl necklaces and earrings would make this look impeccable. Petite and smooth diamond cuts are better since it won’t glare so much under the light and contrast the simplicity of the gown.


But don’t be afraid to add a splash of color here and there. Pink agate, peach moonstone and blue chalcedony are nice pastel gemstones you could use.


Vintage-Inspired Wedding


This theme is a huge favorite among brides-to-be and wedding planners nowadays because it is so elegant and timeless.


Vintage gowns, whether unadorned or extravagant, are all sophisticated. Diamonds have always been the number one jewelry choice for this theme wedding. Pearls are perfect too when strung in strands around the neck or when pinned on your net coiffure. Silver jewelry pieces may be modest, especially if you’re on a budget. But these would look so tasteful when worn with a vintage gown.


Gypsy Bohemian Wedding


For art-loving, passionate couples, this would be the best theme to choose. Bohemian weddings are all about vivid hues so one can never go wrong with color coordination.


La Boheme wedding gowns often have some sort of flower patterns incorporated into it so the perfect accessory for it would be floral headdresses. You could always go for rhinestone headbands, embroidered head combs and bejeweled forehead crowns.

Blood-red rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and turquoise in gold fashion jewelry would be that eye-catching accent in the whole ensemble.



Jewelries add glamour to the bride’s over-all appearance during her wedding day. It gives a touch of class especially when chosen appropriately. However, there’s no guidebook when it comes to wedding jewelries. As long as you are sure about your wedding theme, you really wouldn’t have any huge problems picking out the perfect jewelry for when you finally tie the knot. As no one will forbid you if you want to accessorize or not, you can be all plain and simple or glammed-up and sophisticated and no one will mind. It’s your big day anyway.



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