Foods to Help You Lose Weight

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

We are used to the idea that delicious food will make you fat but with today’s modern technology in the food industry plus the expertise of dieticians, good-tasting food is also for those who want to lose weight. As a matter of fact, knowing which foods are healthy and which are not doesn’t take rocket science to determine the difference. Common sense can tell if such food is suitable for weight loss. This page aims to tackle simple but delicious diet recipes that are ideal for weight reduction. Without further ado, here are recipes and desserts to help you shed those extra pounds off:

Beans Soup

Beans Soup is a good source of protein and fiber. It is a great diet food for any meal time because it makes you feel full easily. Thus, it will make you stop craving for other kinds of food. Beans Soup is a simple recipe of mixing beans with cubed vegetables like carrots and tomato in chicken broth.

Pureed Vegetables

Eating pure vegetables can cause eating fatigue which makes you want to give up in weight loss. A more interesting and appetizing way to eat vegetables is having them pureed. Vegetables such as carrots, green peas, potato, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are great for this pureeing. Just boil any of these vegetables in water and crush them until soft and fluffy. Also, you can use a food processor to make the texture finer.

Poached Eggs and Sausage

Poached eggs with fatless sausages are excellent hearty meal for breakfast. This will start your day feeling strong and energized. Poached eggs are easy to prepare as you only have to drop the egg in boiling water and allow it to form. Sausage is healthiest when steamed. This diet food can be taken at least once a week in every month of your regimen.

Dark Chocolate

For those who cannot live life without chocolates, dark chocolate is a great alternative. This chocolate variant is rich in antioxidant which is good for the heart and other internal organs in the body. It tastes less sweet but flavorful like that of truffles.

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits are the best replacement to salty chips and other high-calorie snacks. Put a basket of fruits on your table and you will forget about opening chips or cooking popcorn for a snack. Fruit diet has never failed dieters. A variety of nuts such as almonds, pecan and walnuts is also helpful to weight loss. They also make you eat less because they give you a feeling of fullness.

Healthy foods can always taste good as long as they are prepared correctly with the right condiments and add-ons. For most dieticians, diet recipes prepared at home are the healthiest and most effective because the element of moderation and control is applied. As they say, too much or too little of something is bad. Same is true with food consumption. Consider the above-mentioned food products and never hesitate to buy them at the grocery.

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