Fuel Your Body, Work Out More

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WELLNESS Fuel Your Body, Work Out More

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

No one ever said that exercising is easy. It’s hard. It’s tough. It’s exhausting. And there are several more routines to be done in the next 30 minutes. You’ve been chugging those exercise drinks for the past hour and it’s not helping! What do you do?


Or what wrong did you do? That would be a better question. A lot of first timers tend to buy the first energy drink they see in the convenience store, thinking it could help them last longer in the gym and potentially shed more fats in the process. But those are packed with sugar (worse, the fake sort) which will surely lead to that sugar crash in a few hours.


The key here is to find the right kind of drinks which will give you enough energy before and during your work out session. Here are some:


  1. Water

Nothing, not one of those exercise drinks sold in the market, beats water when working out. You lose a lot of water when you sweat so you need to replace that amount immediately or you get dehydrated. One expert says that your performance will drop 25% if you lose as much as 2% of water in your body.


  1. Water with Electrolytes

When you sweat, you lose not just plain water. You also lose electrolytes. So buying products with electrolytes like those of Gatorade may be advantageous when you’re working out. But please, check the nutritional content at all times – especially the amount of sugar it has.


  1. Vitamin Water

If you don’t like drinking just water because it does not taste of anything, this variant may help. Of course, you do need to check if it contains added sugar and preservatives because those aren’t really good for exercising.


  1. Fruit Shakes

If you want to get vitamins, what’s better than fruit shakes? Protein drink which comes in just a few flavors can be boring and these have so much processed ingredients. Fruits in seasons like berries or ripe mangoes would not just be a welcome change but also ensures that you’ve got vitamins and the energy you need without a hefty amount of sugar.


Those are just a few drinks which you could consume while you are doing your exercise routines. To get the right amount of energy, you’d need to eat foods high in protein before your work out. Protein drinks and the likes may promise you tons of benefits but with so many chemical additives, you can never be too sure. Eggs and nuts are better options. Then guzzle those down with good old water.


Remember, it’s your health at stake. With hundreds of different labels being sold in the market that claims to burn more fats and get you going for longer, one can never be too careful about their drinks. Therefore it’s alright to be picky with what you chug down during exercise and right after it or you will end up taking something that could actually dampen your planned workout routine.


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