Function Vs. Fashion: What Matters When Shopping for a New Bag

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BAGS Function Vs. Fashion- What Matters When Shopping for a New Bag

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

You would always see that uber-fashionable bag which would make you drool. It’s published in a magazine you’re browsing in the salon. It’s posted on fashion blogs you saw online. It’s displayed in the window of your favorite shop while you’re walking to work. It’s in your dreams – you can’t get it out of your head unless you get your hands on it.


The problem is; that bag style is not as functional as you need for it to be. Your laptop and accompanying accessories won’t fit in there. You wouldn’t be able to put your folders and other documents for work in it. And remember, you need a bag large enough to hold your smart phone, your make-up kit, and all those other things you ‘need’.


Hoping that this wouldn’t sound too frivolous, it is a fact that the scenario described above is often a huge problem for women. After all, not all can afford getting a practical bag and another one which is categorized under new, hot bag trends.


So what will you choose when shopping for a new bag: function or fashion? Take into account the following factors when you are shopping. These will help you decide.


Consider Durability at All Times


This should really be the first thing that you should bear in mind when you’re out shopping for new bags. Generally speaking, functional bags are so much more sturdy and hard-wearing than fashionable ones. This, obviously, is a point for function.


But you will find designer bags, albeit expensive ones, which are also long-lasting. If you have saved some cash for this, why not splurge a bit on this bag? Expensive bags may hurt your budget a little but these pretty little totes are very sturdy and can withstand years of wear and tear.


Timeless Designs Are Better


Bag trends come and go so avoid picking what’s just fashionable right now. Just like the little black dress which never gets old; it is better to go for bags which have timeless designs. Because these were designed to last in the very fickle world of fashion, these are also quite durable.


What Do You Need Now?


Perhaps, this is the most important thing you should ask yourself. If you already bought a nice, chic bag two months ago, you really don’t need a new one, right? If the bag you use for work or school has suffered a year’s worth of wear and tear, you will definitely need to replace that with the same serviceable type immediately. It’s all about priorities.


But don’t get too stressed out when you are out shopping for a new bag. There are some designers today who make a bag style which is both stylish and practical. Once you find that, grab it immediately. You might have to forgo some expensive brands when shopping for a new bag but getting something durable and stylish within your budget range is practical.

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