Get A Travel Health Insurance Before Leaving The Country

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HEALTH INSURANCE Get A Travel Health Insurance Before Leaving The Country

Published on October 6th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Nobody thinks about a misfortune while planning a luxurious family trip to somewhere in the country or abroad. Usually, people spend extravagantly on booking a hotel, resort or villa; spend lavishly on clothes, food and recreations like water sports or air sports but have no concrete plans when it comes to health emergencies. What if amidst such an enjoyable trip you get a call from back home and you need to return home on the first flight available. All the expenses incurred on the trip will go to waste which no individual would wish for. Is there a solution to get the money refunded when you need to return back from the trip without completing your vacation? The answer is yes.

Travel health insurance is a solution to your problem. It is extremely important from health and safety point of view. It broadly covers trip cancellation insurance and travel medical insurance. Under trip cancellation insurance your money will be reimbursed if you cancel your trip for valid reasons before the departure. Also it pays for the additional expenses if you need to call off your trip for an emergency back home. If you miss your flight due to airline schedule or due to weather conditions the travel insurance cover the loss and reimburses your money. In case you misplace your luggage the travel insurance cover will pay for the lost items in the baggage. All such clauses are mentioned in the travel insurance policy.

Under travel health insurance the customer is covered for sickness or injuries met during a trip within the country or abroad. It is extremely beneficial especially if you are travelling for a longer duration outside your home country. Health care facilities in many countries are extremely expensive and not many people can afford them without due preparation. In this case travel insurance comes to your rescue. In case of injury or sickness during the trip the insured is taken to the nearest health care center and provided with a proper medical care. In case the insured passes away on the trip his remains would be sent back home under Repatriation of Remains clause. The travel insurance companies however do not cover injuries or illness caused by alcohol or drug abuse.

Most of the people decline its importance considering that life insurance policy will cover the risks incurred during travelling. Regular insurance policy will only cover death loss and not the injury or sickness met on the trip. For this you need to get insured beforehand to protect yourself from huge expenses during your trips.

Travel insurance is like car insurance. Although it is not mandatory to purchase, it certainly gives you a sense of security when you are away from your homeland. It is not heavy on the pocket and saves you from unexpected expenses during an emergency. Next time before packing your bags ensure that you leave your place with a well-meaning health insurance for travellers. It could make you enjoy your trip more without worrying about extra expenses in times of medical emergencies.

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