Go Organic Even On A Budget

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LIFESTYLES Go Organic Even On A Budget

Published on September 28th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

The basic characteristic of organic food as compared to conventionally grown products is that no pesticides are used in the process of growth. This means everything is natural from the time they were held as seedlings up to the stage when they are to be harvested. Growing organic food demands a lot of care and precision timing; this is why they cost much higher than usual crops. With the rising cost of organic food these days, you don’t need to break the bank just to suffice your need for organic products. Actually, you can practice a fully organic lifestyle by considering the following tips:

Buy Direct from the Farm

Spend a day for an organic farm trip. By buying direct from the farm, you will surely enjoy a chunk of savings especially when you fill-out your basked with all types of organic products. Farm suppliers often require wholesale prices which can be 30% to 50% cheaper than supermarket prices.

Choose Private-Label Products

Large discount outlets and supermarkets such as Wal-Mart saw the great success of selling organic products to the public. From branded items to private-label products, organic food varieties come in tons. As a smart buyer, go for private-label products because these are cheaper in price especially that private suppliers sell them without any advertising fee tagged on them. Branded items are usually more expensive because of the marketing expense that the company paid for and is charging to the products.

Gather Coupons

Gather not-so-old newspapers and go straight to the food section page. In here, you will find weekly coupons for organic food products which can let you enjoy a buy-one-take-one scheme or percentage discount on each item. Grab this opportunity and save money on your grocery list.

Purchase in Bulk

There is always great savings when you purchase products of any kind in bulk so why not practice it on your purchase of organic food. One technique is dividing the items with a friend or relative and just calculate for their payment. When storing bulk products, divide them into bundles and keep them in the fridge for longer life. Being able to buy in bulk means you can eat organic food regularly and even more frequently.

Grow Your Own

Sustainability is the key to saving on organic food purchase. This can be achieved by growing your own food products in your garden. Gather methods of growing from the internet or from experts and buy seedlings of plant varieties which you consume the most. Use your backyard space for this project. Growing your own organic vegetables and fruits also encourages the family to eat organic food more often.

Organic food products are totally cleaner and healthier for human beings because the entry of toxics and chemicals into the body is eliminated. More than that, they are grown in an eco-friendly manner causing no hazards to the environment. If you are conscious about your health and an avid clean and green advocate, make the big switch and go organic. Your body and the environment will thank you for this!

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