Great Mother’s Day Ideas to Make Your Mom Happy

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Published on May 8th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

You might not believe this but May is probably one of the most important and most-awaited months for a lot of mothers out there. In case you’re just so busy and you completely missed it, the second Sunday of this month is Mother’s Day. And we’ve got the best ideas as to where you could take your most important woman in the world.

1. Pamper Day in the Spa and Salon

The opportunity to spend a whole day in the spa would be something that would excite anyone so we are very sure that this would enliven your mother too.

There are so many services that spas offer these days and you could schedule your mom’s day starting with an hour-long soak in a scented and rose filled bath tub – the works and all. Follow that up with a full body scrub (a facial, maybe, if she likes) and a head to toe massage. A treat to a nail salon for a manicure and pedicure or a fabulous hair cut from one of the best salons in the city could be something she’ll love too this mothers day.

2. A Movie Date just for her

If you haven’t seen the recent Avengers movie then Sunday is the best time to watch it. Take your mother to a movie date and watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron together. If your mom prefers drama or comedy then you can pick something of her preference to make her feel more special. Follow your movie date with a nice dinner or a trip to Starbucks if she’s a coffee buff and you’ll be making your mom one of the happiest this Mother’s Day.

3. The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

Your mom surely has that place she always wanted to visit but was not able to because she was so busy taking care of you. This Mother’s Day is the time to give her that chance. Surprise her with a round-trip ticket and tell her to enjoy her ‘day-off’. A trip to her hometown for the weekend could be something she secretly hopes to do so why not let her visit relatives for a day or two? If you could plan a weekend getaway for the whole family then it would be better so that all of you could get the chance to spend some time together.

4. Plant Flowers with Her

If your mom has a green thumb, why not spend the whole afternoon with her planting flowers (or vegetables, or whatever she’s got in her garden) instead of sending her a bouquet. It’s more personal and you get to spend quality time with her.

The truth is a simple dinner at home which you have toiled for will make your mother extremely happy already. There’s no need to spend thousands to give your Mom a perfect Mother’s Day celebration. It really is the thought that counts here, especially if you’re always so busy at work or with your own family and have very little time to spend with her. All you need to do is be creative. Have fun!

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