Hair Style Tips and Tricks

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

For most women, the hair is what keeps them busy all the time. From hair treatments to hair styles, they splurge on these services just to appear nice and beautiful regardless of the occassion. We can say that this kind of behavior can be a bit vain in nature but making oneself look desirable is not bad at all. When special occasions come, oftentimes we cram on what hair style is best for our wardrobe. When no preparation is done, we end up wearing a wrong hair-do. The key to a perfect hair style is practice. Should you be attending occasions in the future, here are some hair makeover tips to try.

Sleek and Straight

When time is a constraint and the formal affair kicks off in just a few hours, it is always safe to go sleek and straight. This timeless hair style is just as simple as fixing your hair with a hair dryer. By using a hairbrush, direct the hair dryer nozzle onto the hair following the brush in a downward format. Once the procedure is done, comb the hair in all corners to ensure a tangle-free soft straight hair style.

Beachy Waves

If you are tired of that straight boring hair style, add some twist and have those beachy waves hair makeover to brighten your face. It takes only an hour for this to create with the help of some curlers and hair spray. Put curlers on the lower part of your hair and leave for an hour. For quicker results, use a hair blower and direct the air onto each curler. Remove the curlers and apply hair spray for the curls to hold the entire day.


For those who have long straight or curly hair, hair-up is a timeless hair style that fits any occasion. Simply tie your hair with a band and let them flow below your neck. Should you want some accent on your hair, you can use small gemstone or tiny flowers and pin it on the band area. A nice braid or French twist can also highlight your hair-do.

Fish Tail Braid

Fish tail is a modern technique in the hair braiding style. This style is quite complicated in nature that you have to do a lot of practice to master the procedure. By viewing some hair design videos on the internet or by asking a professional to help, you can use this hair style for any special occasion. Fish tail is actually using six divisions of hair instead of the normal three. Braiding is done alternately. Tie the end of the hair with a band and stretch each part of the braid to form a fish-tail like design.

By doing some hairstyles prior to any special occasion, you will surely eliminate the concept of stress. Mastery will help you achieve hair designs that would fit any outfit. As soon as party time strikes, all you need to do is enjoy and not worry about your hair.

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