Have You Treated Yourself to a Vacation? Maybe Now is a Good Time!

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Published on May 6th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Your answer to that may be: it’s impossible! There are just too many things I have to do. I haven’t saved enough. Where in the world should I leave my children? Do I even deserve a vacation right now?

Everyone will always have a reason for not getting that vacation that they need. But let us remind you (because we are so sure that you know why you have to indulge yourself) why you should give yourself a luxurious break.

  1. Your Brain, Your Body Needs to Recharge

The human body is the most amazing machine ever made. But just like all those other machines, it has limitations. If you do not let it rest as it needs, it would not be able to function efficiently.

Sometimes, all you need is that fifteen-minute power nap. At times, a large cup of coffee or can of Coke can help. There are some people who gets the focus they need after reading a few pages or a chapter of their favorite book. But there are those times when you have beaten your brain and your body to a pulp that will require a trip to the beach. Clearing your mind for just a day, away from your usual stressors, is a huge help.

  1. Low Energy = Low Productivity

When you’re stressed out, there is no way in the world that you can give whatever work you’re doing your 100%. This is bad, not just for yourself, but also for your company. So to all the employers out there, see to it that your people get this break that they need so that they can function well and share their skills to ensure the growth of the company.

Now, if you’re the employer, don’t be too possessive about your company. You need to learn how to delegate jobs and allow your employees to grow. Going on that vacation will help you see if there is growth in your company even when you’re not around. And it should grow, even when you’re not around, or else there is something wrong with the way you manage things.

  1. Money Can’t Provide You Full Satisfaction, Experience Does

Finally, you have to do something with that money because earning so much is completely futile if you are not enjoying the fruits of your labor. Remember, experience makes you richer in body and in soul. Taking a break – flying to a beautiful tourist spot somewhere and sightseeing like crazy – gives you that amazing experience.

  1. Going on a vacation allows you to meet exciting people

You might be sitting on your office all day and wonder why your social life has suddenly gone dry. You may have missed the fun of meeting new people or even flirting around. Guess what, a vacation is what you need! Go on a retreat to South East Asia and do a little soul-search. Go to the beach with friends or hop to the next flight in Singapore. When you go on a vacation you get the chance to meet new people and be friends with exciting individuals. Who knows you might meet a special someone too.

Sometimes all we need is a little break to help disrupt the monotony of our lives. If you think your routine has suddenly gone boring and you have run out of passion to wake up in the morning and go on with your day then you might be missing on a well-deserved break!

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