Health Messages Your Nails Might Be Sending You

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WELLNESS Health Messages Your Nails Might Be Sending You

Published on October 9th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Beautifully trimmed, shaped and painted nails speak about your style and fashion sense. They make your hands look even more beautiful and get you several compliments. Do you know that besides making your hands look beautiful, nails can be an indicator of your overall health symptoms? When was the last time you gave a close hard look to your bare finger and toenails? Don’t remember? Then it is time for you to check your nails and see what they have to say about your overall well-being.


  1. Weak, Brittle and Thin Nails – If your nails bend easily and break on slightest touch; they are an indicator that your thyroid is amiss. This gland plays an essential role in regulating metabolism, growth and many other important body functions. Any disorder in the hormone secretion from this gland, results in brittle, thin, and slow growing nails. In some cases, nail plate gets separated from the nail bed. If you encounter any such problem, see your doctor ASAP. Thyroid disorder can be treated with medication.


  1. Yellow and Thick nails – If your nails have thickened significantly with a tinge of yellow hue, you incontestably have acquired fungal infection. It affects nail plate and transverses the nail bed. Depending on the seriousness of the fingernails problem the specialist may prescribe you topical or oral medication.


  1. Blue Nails – A blue nail paint applied sprucely scintillate on fair complexion, but if you see natural blue color on your nails, it is a sign of danger. It reflects a respiratory disease or a vascular problem. In simple words, your nails are not getting an adequate supply of oxygen. You need an immediate visit to a doctor who will check the oxygen level in your blood and treat you accordingly.


  1. Pale, White Nails – Pale or white nail bed is an indication that probably you are anemic. This means that there is a significant decrease in the amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in your blood. Your blood is unable to supply required oxygen to the cells to carry out their specific functions. This causes the tissues under the nails to become pale.


Pale and white nails also indicate diabetes and liver disease called cirrhosis. The latter has serious repercussions and can turn out to be ghastly if not treated well in time.


  1. Pitting or Rippling – Pitting and rippling of the nail bed can be associated with psoriasis and connective tissue disorders. It is characterized by depressions and small cracks in your nails


  1. Dark Vertical lines – Dark brown or black vertical lines extending from the cuticle to the tip of the nail should never be overlooked. It could be a sign of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer.


Next time before painting your nails yellow or blue, look for these signs carefully. Your nails health will warn you before the illness may turn ghastly. By paying closer attention you will be able to save yourself from the burden of life threatening illnesses.


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