Honey He’s Just in it for the Tumble

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SEX Honey He's just in for the Tumble

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

A great sex could build a stronger and more intimate bond between the two of you but if it feels like nothing else is improving on your relationship then maybe it’s time to ask yourself if he’s with you for just great sex and nothing else.

5 Telltale Signs He’s just using you for SEX

A woman’s instinct is infallible, no matter how good the sex is or how nice he treated you before your tumble in the bed, your gut feeling will tell you if everything is just – well – for a good tumble or he’s aiming for a more permanent relationship. If you think your instinct is not enough however and you’re little lost on the signal he’s showing you, these telltale signs can help you.

#1. He’s a touchy, feely kind of guy. Lust adds spice to your relationship but if your guy is constantly touching your legs, butt and other intimate parts without caring for your other not-so intimate parts then it’s a sign he’s dating you only for sex. A serious guy takes time to hold their partner’s hands and wait for the proper time and place to be intimate.

#2. All he does is flirt. A relationship is about connecting in a more personal level, so if your guy flirts all the time and has no interest of knowing you in a more personal way then it’s a sure sign that he sees you only as a casual fling and has no plans of taking things seriously.

#3. Missing on Weekends. Is your guy MIA on Saturday nights? Does he take you to the Sunday mass? You know he’s just dating you for sex if he never shows on weekends. He could be out with other women during these times or doing things more important than you and your relationship.

#4. Cannot be reached. You know you’re just a sex buddy if you can’t reach him during regular hours. Does he ignore your one hundred text messages and several hundred phone calls? Wake-up girl, he’s not just into you. A serious guy cares about the feelings of his partner and will find a way to drop a message even during a hectic work schedule.

#5. Avoids marriage talk like a plague. A classic way to know if your guy is serious or not. Talk about marriage and your guy will run as fast as he can if he has no plans of settling down with you.


Surely, it is painful to realize that your partner is only interested to be your bedmate but it’s better to know where you stand before investing too much on your relationship. Knowing the truth and being hurt in the process is far better than expecting so much and being disappointed in the end.  Of course you might be reading the signs wrong and there’s a chance that he’s really falling hard for you so talk it out with your partner. As no one deserves to be used, you deserve to know if you’re just a casual fling to him or a more serious partner.

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