Host an Awesome Wedding Without Drilling Holes In Your Pocket

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Published on July 3rd, 2015 | by Joan Makai

The word “wedding” invariably conjures up images of flowers, expensive clothes, limousines, jewelry, dining arrangements, and music apart from the holy ceremonies. Expenses towards printing of wedding cards, and distribution of those cards, though substantial seem insignificant in comparison. So are weddings affordable anymore?

The answer is yes!  And there is no need to cut down on any of the lavish styles either.

Here are five ways you could bring down your wedding costs.


  1. Fix the venue in some place outside the city

 There is a lot of demand for wedding halls within the city limits because these halls are few. Unlike this, a wedding in a distant but picturesque location would work out cheaper and everybody would be more relaxed. This strategy brings down venue related expenses to almost half or even less. Such places are available for as little as $2000 including tables, chairs, china, and linen. Also, such venues include arrangements for guests to stay overnight.


  1. Take concessions on club cards of one of your family members

 Family members are offered concessions by some of the clubs for weddings and other ceremonies. Such clubs also provide professional services, which means they can assist with more chairs, tables, flowers, etc., at the last moment as well. With such concessions, the costs towards venue can be brought down substantially. Savings can be as much as $6000.


  1. Do not offer drinks or if you have to, opt for cash bars

Weddings are for toasting bride and groom. But guests often drink more than they should, especially if drinks flow freely. Cut down on those drinks by asking the guests to pay for those drinks. Effectively, guests know what is not on offer, and will not increase your wedding costs.


  1. Plan menu meticulously, well in advance, and within budget

Have a couple of exotic and tasty preparations in the main menu and have it in enough quantity so that too many other varieties are not necessary. Include delicious salads, and don’t forget soft drinks. Soft drinks bring down food consumption but include a lovely desert too. The wedding cake cannot be avoided, but the decoration on it need not be elaborate. Such simplicity brings down the cake’s cost. The overall budget can be restricted to approximately $3000 with such strategy.


  1. Wedding Cards

Opt to send wedding invitation through emails. You get to design a card instead of depending upon professional. You can personalize some cards depending upon your relationship with the person.


  1. Photography

Conventionally, professional photographers were called at the wedding. But nowadays, sophisticated smartphones can do that job equally efficiently. You could save almost $800 for such digital approach. There are graphic designers offering discounts for their services. They could also be approached if you are keen only on a professional job.


  1. Flower Decoration

Do not go overboard with exotic flowers and unseasonal flowers. Also, opt for flowers that last throughout the day and do not wilt quickly. Seasonal flowers are cheaper. You might want to use more of crotons to give that color. You can arrange flowers centrally rather than on each table. The arrangement is easier to water and pleasant to look at and savings could be as much as $1,400.


  1. Music

Opt for lesser known bands and singers. There are many reality shows nowadays, and many emerging singers who do not reach the top. They will be delighted to be remembered and you could save at least $750 if not more from $1500.

Photo Credit: cat mayer via Compfight cc

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