Household Cleaning Tips for Your Kids

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Published on September 10th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

It is but normal to see clutter in a home especially when there are children around. As a parent, teaching your children to perform some simple household chores is the key in keeping the house clean and orderly. Apart from reducing the amount of duties you need to complete within the day, you too are parenting your children in the right way. They learn the concepts of cleanliness, independence and responsibility. When your children are trained at an early age, it would be easier for them to perform these tasks when they grow older. Here are tips on how to carry out household cleaning with your kids:

Chores for Toddlers

Toddler years are when your children start to walk, babble, and comprehend some simple instructions. Since they are very young to do some ‘chores’, it is better to rephrase the term into ‘helping to clean up’. Take note that you always have to appreciate that small help they rendered because this builds motivation and enthusiasm within them. Example to toddlers help are putting crayons back in their boxes or container, carrying one to three pairs of shoes into the closet, putting back toys in their cabinet or toy chest. They may not be able to deliver perfectly but these little tasks are helpful in saving time and in teaching them the idea of responsibility at the very early age.

Chores for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are when your child’s/children’s motor skills are already developed. Therefore, they are ready to be assigned with tasks that require simple instructions such as sweeping the floor using a dustpan, cleaning up their desks by sorting their stuff in the right cabinet, wiping spilled liquid with tissue paper, preparing the table with spoons and forks, emptying the hamper and carrying light weight grocery items from the garage to the kitchen. It is during this age when children tend to be clumsy and uncoordinated therefore, make sure that tasks given to them don’t involve breakable items.

Chores for Primary School Aged Children

Children that fall under the ages of five to nine are able to do slightly complex chores. It is during this stage when they are able to imitate what older people are doing in their surroundings. These simple chores include sorting clothes for laundry, helping to take out the trash, folding clothes and putting them in the cabinets, making their bed in the morning, setting and clearing the table and cutting coupons.

The best thing about cleaning time is that it also becomes an opportunity for bonding. Never underestimate what every child does because simple tasks that are gathered together make a huge saving in both time and effort. Praise them for little efforts and reward them when they finish each task. When they make mistakes, do not raise your voice. They can easily understand what you’re trying to say by explaining things in calm and gentle manner. Once your children are able to understand and complete what is asked of them, you can say that you have achieved a certain degree of successful parenting.

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