How to Burn More Calories with Less Time and Exercise

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Published on May 17th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

As of now, there are few machines or systems that can help burn calories without sparing additional time for exercising. But working out and sweating those pounds away is still one of the most effective. Here are few simple ideas for burning more of those calories in lesser time-

  1. Start with Cardio Exercises

You may be inclined to go to the gym religiously at particular time, and spend much of your time on weight lifting and muscle building. But if you spent about half an hour before that with some cardio exercises, you might pleasantly surprise yourself with loss in weight. This is because cardio exercises such as walking, running, climbing stairs, elliptical, and biking increase the rate of burning fat if they are followed by other weight lifting and muscle building exercises. There are studies that prove that such loss of calories is more if the exercises are done in this sequence.

  1. Combine Cardio Exercises with Upper Torso Exercises

Does it not save you at least 10 to 20 minutes if you combine cardio exercises with other exercises that use upper limbs, shoulders, torso, neck, etc.? There are ample exercises that can be conveniently combined to burn more calories while doing cardio itself. Identify those, and alternate them. Changing the type of exercises keeps the workout interesting instead of making it monotonous. Another advantage of combining these upper torso exercises with cardio exercises is that some level of resistance exists between muscles used differently. The more conscientious effort is needed for overcoming such resistance, thereby increasing the intensity of the exercise.

  1. Think of Intensity

Don’t shy from tougher exercises! They increase the rate at which calories are burnt. Also be willing to work a bit more than you become comfortable with because the body does get accustomed to higher heart beats but not to the extent of 50 to 85 percent more of your regular heartbeat. If you do not reach those levels, then you may not be burning enough calories. Increasing intensity always helps but do not go overboard. You don’t want to exhaust yourself to become incapable of doing anything the rest of the day, and fear doing exercises in the rest of the week.

  1. Try Fast Numbers that you Like

Fast music numbers make people tap their feet and enjoy music, without any conscious attempt to do so. If such music is used while exercising, there is a tendency to keep up with the beat, rhythm, and tempo, which is enjoyable too. Burning calories can be fun this way, and if the activity becomes fun, the strain is not felt. Consequently, you can do those workouts for longer, without realizing. Longer workouts, or intense workouts, automatically mean that more fat is burnt.

  1. Alternate Exercises

Alternating exercises is found to increase the burning of calories. By increasing or reducing the speed of activities and alternating between lighter weights and heavier weights, can help the body to recoup from the previous exercise and, therefore, it is not easy to tire and stop exercising. Because of this effect, you can use for longer, and burn more calories. Such alternating with exercise forms also prevents monotony and helps to exercise all the targeted muscles, instead of exercising only a few muscles.


There is a lot of literature about the harm that calories do to the body. Exercising is fast becoming a mandatory chore like brushing teeth, and bathing. But it is easy to avoid it if it does not seem to be giving any results. By increasing intensity and exercising the smart way, it is possible to increase the speed at which the calories are burnt. Therefore, if you are one of those persons who have put on a lot of weights in recent past and are feeling insecure about it, perhaps you need to change the way you go about exercising to get the best results for your efforts.

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