How to Find the Right Forex Trading Robot

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Published on May 17th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Forex trading like stock market trading offers a way to fortune provided the trader knows how to trade and is not overtaken by panic. Theoretically, there are mathematical algorithms that form the basis of strategies in these trades. Calculating the effect of any variable on the currency trade in traditional ways is time-consuming as well as error prone. Even spreadsheets fail to keep up pace with the faster processing technologies, including internet access. Forex robots are therefore developed to do most of these calculations and arrive at conclusions to give the user maximum benefit.

Basically, any Forex trading robot is another software program. Such programs take into conditions and variables in the forex market and use them in predefined mathematical formulae or algorithms to arrive at the best currency pair to trade in at that particular moment.  This advice is then passed on to the trader as currency pairs.

  1. Speed and Accuracy

There are several forex trading programs that offer information to the trader. But the programs that offer such conclusions faster and with considerable precision than the other programs scores above the rest since most of the forex deals are real time deals.

  1. Adaptability

Forex markets are also subject to sudden variations because of surprising events in the economic world. A good forex robot system is able to minimize losses if any, under such situations, and maximize profits if possible. In addition, it should be able to access and incorporate financial markets data in real time for maximizing return and minimizing losses.

  1. New Strategy Development and New Opportunity Identification

Other strategies to make money in these markets are also identified periodically by these robots, but these too cease to be as effective after some trades. Effectively, the forex trading software should have some adaptability built into it, to identify the opportunity to make a profit in different scenarios.

  1. Updates from Qualified Finance Professionals

These forex signals should be developed and incorporated in the software updates by professionals, which have required finance and currency related qualifications, apart from good mathematical skills and understanding of programming. Therefore, the buyers should consider only those forex robot systems that are developed by companies promoted by such professionals.

  1. Security

Since a lot of money is involved in the transactions, security of transactions should rank high in priority. Forex systems use information such as bank balances and bank’s password. Such information can be hacked and harvested by unscrupulous people. Forex robots that come with SSL certification, or are affiliates of other security systems such as SecurityNet, therefore, score over other Forex robots.

  1. Compatible Risk Propensity

The best forex robot system is something that the user understands and is comfortable with. Since the professionals developing these software tools are also human beings, and they have different propensities to take risks, the range of the risk acceptance differs from one Forex robot to another. Therefore, buyers need to check the extent of risk the forex robot is likely to take by trying the dummy programs of these robots.

  1. Has a Tutorial and Practice Tool

Most of these forex robot systems come with a tutorial to teach users how to play in forex markets, including in new derivatives such as options. In addition, users can also practice such deals based on their understanding of the subject.

A safe and reliable robot system also comes with support if needed.


The most expensive forex turbo may not essentially be the best because what works for a trader’s risk taking capacity may not work for another. Similarly, market conditions also vary from time to time because of which risks from any forex trading software may not be as good as they’ve been in the past.

The buyer needs to check the software’s ability to give the profits based on current market conditions, and the speed at which he or she can complete those deals.

As of now, there are a few forex trading robot systems that qualify as the best forex trading software programs. The list includes FAP Turbo, Leo Trader, and Forex Bulletproof.

Photo Credit: Jim Makos via Compfight cc

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