How to Look Fabulous without Makeup

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Published on May 29th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

It is very much true that wearing make-up is an art. It takes a lot of time to get that perfect look each and every day. Naturally, many women cannot spare that much time. It is also necessary to remove that makeup at the end of the day. Some makeup materials are also harmful to the skin, and render it dull after some years. Over a period, women cease to believe that they are beautiful without makeup, and may actually look over painted with age. Reducing make-up or avoiding it altogether is the only way out of such embarrassing future in which others may pass hurtful snide remarks within earshot. If you have been using makeup regularly, you may want to stop it, and try a new look, i.e., a face without makeup.

Here are some tips that will help you look fabulous without makeup –

  1. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water for the fresh look

Well, balanced diet and adequate water are the best mantras for the healthy glow on the skin. Water keeps the skin supple and delays aging process as well. Don’t forget to include fruits like kiwis and oranges to the diet. They do loads of good to the skin, as do some nuts in small quantities. Vitamin E and D are also good for the skin. So is Aloe-Vera.

  1. Use moisturizers, cleansers and face scrubs for exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin

It certainly won’t be easy leaving the make-up regimen behind. You might feel as if you are unkempt and ugly. That is what make-up does to everybody. A good face wash, preferably natural one is good for skin is also important. Cleaning with skin cleansers removes microscopic dirt and makes the face look bright. Moisturizer is to reduce any flaky appearance due to climate or age. Face scrubs increase the size of pores so that toxins and dirt can be easily removed. None of these qualifies as makeup, and none of the processes in which these are used is time-consuming. There are tinted moisturizers available now, which can be used if you dread to be seen without makeup.

  1. Use mascara, lipstick or lip gloss, eyeliners, and blush for touch-up

But wear it sparingly. It is not very difficult to identify makeup. So a lot of credit for your beauty is attributed to makeup cosmetics. Slowly reducing their application may help to regain confidence, and accept the nature endowed beauty in you.

  1. Wear a good smile

Nothing impresses as much as a charming smile, and for that you should have good teeth, nice lips, and intelligent look. You can’t possibly wear an artificial smile at a funeral. Therefore, smile normally. Ensure that your teeth are white enough.

  1. Sleep well and adorn hair naturally

Your face is an excellent tale carrier. If you do not sleep adequately, it will tell the whole world that you did not sleep enough. Therefore, if you do not sleep enough, you may end up with a dull face. Hardly something that will delight you. Always style your hair that will suit your face and personality. Remember your shiny locks can add wonders to your style and look!

  1. Wear clothes and accessories that suit you

Your attire contributes to your confidence. Wear well-fitting clothes that are trendy and of colors that look good on you.

Now do you still think that looking good without makeup is not possible? Try these simple tips and look beautiful without painting your faces.

Photo Credit: Kansas Poetry (Patrick) via Compfight cc

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