How to Shop Smart for an Engagement Ring

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Published on May 8th, 2015 | by Joan Makai

For a man who knows nothing about jewelry, selecting an engagement ring can be a harrowing experience. The intention is to impress the girl and her folks, but not knowing enough about her jewelry tastes makes shopping for ring a daunting task. To top it all, there may be budget constraints to think of while purchasing that ring. So what should a man do to find an engagement ring his girl would be proud to show off, and yet the cost of the ring would not burn a hole in his pocket?

Here are a few tips that might help to select the perfect engagement ring within limited budget:

1. Fix a budget limit

Men should look for wedding rings that cost about six weeks of their pay or more, but the cost should definitely not exceed three month’s pay. You do not want the girl to start expecting more from you from the very beginning.

2. Stealing her ring might help

You may never have done that in your life, but when it comes to life partner, it is no great sin. After all, you have only stolen it with honorable intent to return it. What would the stolen ring tell you? The size of her finger, and the designs she likes. Some women prefer classic designs, and others prefer contemporary designs. Even the color of stones may have a clue about her preferences.

3. Get her to select engagement ring for a friend

This is a great way to know her tastes. She would not be indifferent to such shopping for sure. If budget limits are pre-defined, then identifying a couple of engagement rings that she liked becomes easy.

4. Keep your ears open when she talks about jewelry

You will get hints about her tastes such as whether she prefers vintage, traditional or modern jewelry.

5. Know something about diamonds before you buy one

Diamonds differ in prices because of their purity and size. Merely because what is shown to you is a diamond ring does not necessarily mean it is the best quality diamond. The seller would like to sell low-quality diamond at highest possible price. Therefore, a novice entering his shop is always welcome. Checking with more shops and knowing something about diamonds before finalizing on ring with diamonds is advisable. It is a good idea to avoid conventional engagement ring designs and if diamonds are not in the budget look at other stones and metals.

6. Try customizing the ring

That can really impress the lady and her folks. It is not so difficult to think of a ring design and get it custom made.

Engagement ring that the girl does not like may dampen the spirit of the magical moment of proposal. But even the girl can correct the situation by

  • Hinting at what she wants by showing pictures
  • She may even casually mention the name of friend or relative who knows her tastes
  • Do some online surfing and shopping together. It is a great way to drop hints at what she prefers. Some popular sites like and offers different cuts and designs of engagement ring. Checking them out sometimes help too.
  • Discuss the engagement rings of friends who were recently engaged. In the process, express preferences in engagement rings.

Balancing the lady’s tastes with financial constraints may seem impossible, but it is not, if the selection and purchase process can be done with a little bit of ingenuity.

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