iOS 8: There Are Significant Changes… And They Are All Good!

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GADGET iOS 8 There Are Significant Changes… And They Are All Good!

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

A lot of people are wondering if downloading the newly released iOS 8 is worth their time or if this OS is just a complete waste of time. After all, the reviews that its predecessor (iOS 7) got are generally favorable and, if there are just minor tweaks here and there, what’s the point of getting it? But iPhone users, as several experts say, will surely enjoy this new OS update from the beloved tech giant. After all, Apple will not create a new OS for nothing.


Here’s a rundown of what’s great about the iOS 8 and how you can make the most out of it:



Apple fanatics would surely love the new iOS 8 as it now has message archiving. Compared to iOS 7, you can now see the messages and even the pictures sent months ago. It has enabled location sharing and conversation muting too. Just tap on ‘Details’ found on top of the thread to see contact information or leave group conversations.



When it comes to Mails, iOS 8 has more options besides ‘More’ and ‘Archive’. With this operating system, you can ‘Flag’, ‘Trash’ and even ‘Mark as Unread’ your mails with just a tap.


Searching in Safari

Searching is easy in iOS 7 but this is made easier and relatively more accurate in iOS 8 thanks to the quick-search feature. Type in a phrase like ‘Pinterest red shoes’ and it will go straight to the Pinterest website with photos of the red shoes you were looking for without having to press or tap anything more.


Quick Type

Aside from suggesting words while typing, the new OS also pays attention to the person you’re currently talking to. For instance, it immediately adapts to change the style of messaging you have with your son versus your workmate.



Do you like taking time lapse video? It is possible now with this OS. You can also adjust the brightness of your shot before you press the shutter to take it – just like the usual point and shoot. Now, you can get what you want even without the need for post-editing.


Battery Control

Thanks to the new OS, you now have more control over your phone battery. This was one of the features that the competitor (Android) has had for the longest time so it’s nice to know that Apple finally include it with the new OS. Now, you can see what’s hogging your battery time and get rid of that app – if that’s your choice.


Most iPhones (from iPhone 4), iPads (from iPad 2), iPad Mini and the iPod Touch 5G will be able to run iOS 8. Your devices however might be noticeably slower when it is ‘upgraded’ but that is generally the case with most updates.


The changes made from iOS 7 to iOS 8 may not be apparent at first. But all users really need to do is give themselves time to master the tricks of this new update to be able to see the difference and enjoy what this upgraded OS has to offer.

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