J. Lo’s Back with Her Booty – And Iggy Azalea’s Too

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MUSIC J. Lo’s Back with Her Booty - And Iggy Azalea’s Too

Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Jenny from the Block is back with her eighth studio album entitled A.K.A and one of the singles here, Booty, is making headlines all over the globe.

This dance track was written by several music icons in the industry today including Lopez, Pitbull and Chris Brown. It has a bit of Middle Eastern feel, making it fun to dance too.


Jennifer Lopez first recorded this song and shot a music video with one of her favorite collaborators Pitbull, with whom she has released numerous others like Danced Again, Drinks for You Ladies and On the Floor. Very recently, Pitbull and J. Lo sang the theme of the 2014 World Cup ‘We are One (Ole Ola)’.

But as some critics have remarked, this may not have worked to J. Lo’s satisfaction so she came out with a remix version and invited newcomer Iggy Azalea to join her.

In terms of the sound, the new version is just slightly different from the first. A lot of music critics have remarked that the club beat used here has been heard before and that J. Lo’s vocal is not out of the ordinary. But it’s the video that most people are focusing on.

The first music video that she did with Pitbull had J. Lo and a few other girls with big booties showing off their assets while twerking. The new one on the other hand features just J. Lo, Iggy Azalea and their well-shaped behinds.

The directing, especially when it comes to the design or the lighting, was better than the first. The monochromatic backgrounds were perfect because they really wanted the two artists (and their booties) as the focus of the video. The choreography for J. Lo’s bit dance parts are pretty good, too. It wasn’t as amazing as her moves in the former version but she still exhibited some of her talent here.

But people are raving about this video mainly because of the concept. It shocked so many of the fans saying that this is another example of women being objectified in music videos. While so many are all for ‘embracing one’s sexuality’, these two stars clad in revealing swimsuits while bumping and grinding against each other for over four minutes just seems too much.

Then again, asks one social media user, what is to be expected of a song entitled ‘Booty’?

Some have pointed out the need for this version and the raunchy video. The 24-year old Azalea, it would seem, has a Midas’ touch in the music industry. Everything she’s involved in has become a huge hit and J. Lo’s new album needs that badly.

In fairness to J. Lo, she maintained the upbeat quality of her songs that we, fans love about her. She may not be as young as the other rising stars in the industry but no one can deny that only Jennifer Lopez can twerk and grind and dance through the years and still look amazingly hot as she did a decade ago.

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