Keep Your Guests Entertained With Wonderful Wedding Party Ideas

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WEDDING PARTY Keep Your Guests Entertained With Wonderful Wedding Party Ideas

Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

So you’ve planned for the grandest wedding ceremony but how about your party? A wedding can never be complete without the celebration so make sure that you plan the after ceremony as well. Work with your wedding planner and add some enjoyable activities in it. With the participation of guest and visitors, unique party ideas will surely bring life to the occasion. While traditional ceremonies such as cutting of the cake and releasing of the doves are a common practice, games and special numbers will add more fun and excitement. If you are looking for non-traditional wedding fun, here are some great wedding party ideas to try:

Party Idea #1

Face Painting Station

Face painting is not only for children’s parties but for all kinds of parties including weddings. If you’re a non-traditional couple, the addition of face painting station can make your party more entertaining. To make face painting themed with the party, it would be a better idea to eliminate those flashy childish colors and follow shades of the wedding’s motif. Colors such as silver, gold and light pastel are appropriate. Designs are important factors as well; therefore the artist must provide a catalogue that displays pleasant images and characters applicable for formal wardrobe.

Party Idea #2

Photo Booth Area

Allocate a budget for photo booth rental and request for a unique back drop from your service provider. Call the attention of the guests to enter the photo booth for some picture-taking before or after serving the meal. Aside from adding fun to the party, the photos could serve as remembrance for your guests too.

Party Idea #3

Dessert Fountain

Cakes and salads are common desserts to wedding parties so put a twist and create an area for a chocolate fondue. Your guest will love this idea. Ask the caterer to prepare an array of fruit trays for the table corner. The dessert fountain is going to be an eye-catching spot during the celebration and since everybody loves chocolate, children and adults will enjoy a wonderful dessert of fruits swimming in melted chocolate.

Party Idea #4

Ring Toss Gaming Area

Construct a small space in the wedding reception where guests can enjoy a game of ring toss. This mini-carnival area is a nice space for children and adults to try a game of throwing some rings over painted bottles while other visitors are finishing their food. As wedding reception could be long, the presence of a gaming corner will keep the boredom away from your guests.

The life of a wedding is always dependent on the flow of activities. Thus, these have to be organized and spontaneous. Guest and visitors are used to those old-fashioned rites being done in a wedding. There is actually nothing wrong with these traditional activities but the application of innovative and out-of-the-box wedding party ideas will surely entertain everyone. Once the party is over, each one will leave with a joyful heart and a sweet smile on their faces.


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