Online Dating Tips for First Timers

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Published on May 22nd, 2015 | by Joan Makai

Online dating sites have made getting in touch with lots of people possible, comfortable and faster. Though this initial step is made simple, the important task of getting face to face with the online date is a mentally daunting task for many. Even the most courageous of women feel nervous about facing their dates for the first time. As your first date can lead to a second date and eventually to your marriage, it’s quite understandable to feel anxious. But you shouldn’t let the excitement kill the fun of the actual meeting.

Below we come up with the best online dating tips to make your first meeting with the online date successful.

At the right place on the right day

You cannot choose a better place than a restaurant. Feel that is going to be crowded? You can find restaurants designed for the couples that have people around, and still offer privacy. Though it is not a candle light dinner, the dining experience can always be pleasant. Choose a day that is convenient for the date too. Do not date under the influence of drug or alcohol and do not press your date to meet on a day that is not comfortable for him.

Appearance does matter

Your first impressions are going to last forever. You don’t have to dress to kill, but to impress. Choose the attire that you are comfortable with. It needs not be gaudy or expensive, but the one that is elegant and suits you best. Your appearance includes how you look, which include your body language. When speaking about body language, you should also be able to identify red flags with whom you meet. Is he too anxious, or too keen to get close? Then it is time for you to use your brains, and check if the date would work out.

What to converse?

In order to make first date memorable you should be able to talk about simple things and share a few good laughs. Learn what you should about your date by reading his online profile and talk about things that would interest him. If he likes books then you could ask about the type of books he likes to read or authors he likes the most. Is he a sci-fi fan, then talk about the latest movies on the genre. You could also open about your areas of interest that you think would interest him too.

Be honest

Be clear and honest about yourself. Being nervous is common when you date. Do not let someone underestimate you, but never hide it. Be open that you are nervous about the dating, and this would tell your online date that he or she needs to pick the conversation. Never act which you are not. A few smart individuals can find this on the very first date, or can catch up the lies in the due course of time. Better be honest, and you will reap the rewards.

Safety comes first

Do not meet in the isolated areas like private room, hotels or even his apartment. Choose areas where people are around like parks, restaurants, malls and the like. Go in separate cabs, or if you need to go together, choose public transports. Do not leave your belongings carelessly, not everyone you meet can be a sincere person. The motives can be hidden, so stay cautious. Let someone know where to find you. Inform friends and family too. If you are going for a long distance date, remain in a hotel, and take a taxi from the airport. Most of all trust your instincts!

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