Perfect Hairstyle To Make Your Face Look Smaller

HAIR Perfect Hairstyle To Make Your Face Look Smaller

Published on October 7th, 2014 | by Joan Makai

Cutting your carbs and doing regular workouts can help you lose weight. You can shed off stubborn pounds this way in a few months. But, what if your needs are immediate? You still have ways to make you look like a few pounds thrown off. Your hair can be styled to look smaller, which gives your face immediate slimming effect. There are a few hairstyles that make your face look smaller. Here are some of them:

Do Not Go for Short Hair

The hair should fall on the shoulder if you want your cheek and chin less pronounced. These are the areas that make your face look fuller. Say no to the short haircuts, if you do not want to emphasize the circular symmetry of your hair. Your hairstyle should be suitable for the shape of your face. The hair should fall between the ends of the ear to the shoulder. A too short haircut means that the face looks even chubbier especially to people who are round faced.

Bid a Bye to Bangs

Perfect hairstyle is that which suits your face. Bangs can be awesome, but not with the ones who have round faces. The bangs that are of straight cut make the face look round than it is. A bit of bang can work a little but certainly not a straight cut bangs.


To ensure that your face looks thinner, the color used should be also taken into consideration. The shading too has its part when it comes to slimming of the face. For instance, too much of blonde color can make the face look full. A mix of blonde with burgundy to get the sun-kissed color is an excellent option.


You can add layers to the hair as soft fringes and lines around the face can make your face look thinner. But, a poofy hair can make your face lose the shape.


The parting should be done on the side of the hair. Your face will appear to be symmetrical and less round when you part the hair in the sideways. You can also put some part of your hair up. Ponytails and pigtails that are lower too can make your face look slimmer and thinner.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your face is essential if you want your face to look slimmer. As not everyone is born with oval or heart shape face and not everyone is given with perfectly slim features, it is very useful to master a few tricks that could be used on hair or face emergencies. Certain hairstyles can make the face look symmetrical, others on the other hand can make you look even fuller and your cheeks more pronounced.  Your hair should cover chin and cheek to ensure that the face looks slimmer and thinner. Talk to your hairstylist and get the right kind of hairstyle for you. If you’re happy with the result, ask your hairstylist to teach you on how to maintain that look.


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